Number of generators.  170
Number of homes that can be powered by the farm. 33,000
Length of blades in feet 77
Cubic Yards of cement in each foundation 125
Height of tower 212
Tons of carbon dioxide emissions saved per year 585,000
Owned by Florida Power and Light Energy  
Estimated Cost 100 Million
Paid to landowners per year per tower for 20 years $2000.00
A computer turns the blades to face the wind.  They start to rotate when the wind reaches 7 mph.  At 9 mph the blades turn at 14 rpm and start to generate electricity.  When the wind reaches 13 mph the blades increase their rpm to 22, the maximum speed.  At 33 mph the turbine generates its maximum power and at 56 mph the computer automatically turns the blades sideways to the wind.  Towers and turbines are built to withstand wind at up to 134 mph.