Chris, I remember both of your folks and have only fond memories of both.  You are right, I did not know your mom had remarried or that she had passed away.  Your mom was my typing teacher in High School.  Everyone that was around when JFK was assassinated will never forget where they were when they found out.  I was in your mom's typing class.  I always thought she was a very attractive lady, and I emphasize Lady.  I don't recall many teachers that I thought were pretty but your mom was one of them.

Neither of your folks were the type to call a lot of attention to themselves but both were well like, really well loved, in the community.  Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think your dad was the pharmacist at Clark's drug store and remained when Clarks bought out Tuggle's and moved into the Tuggle's store on the corner where Clarks is today.  The nice thing about websites is mistakes can be corrected very easily so let me know if I  am wrong.

Good people, both of them and I am glad you have fond memories of them.  That doesn't always happen these days. 

Pete Thomas.

Hi Pete

I finally had time to read your comments about daddy and mom – daddy was partially raised by Ralph and Malee Clark. From what I remember that is the only job he had ever had except for the time he spent in the military. He was not a “licensed” pharmacist but was trained by Ralph Clark. Once Ralph Clark passed away dad was in partnership with Malee Clark until her passing and then owned the store until shortly before his death. He worked at the drug store when it was in the middle of the block and also once Tuggle’s sold out to Ralph Clark – daddy was there at the corner where the drug store is still located.

Thank you for your time in doing this.  Chris

Thanks for the note Chris, I enjoy being able to tie loose ends together.  I remember Ralph and Malee very well.  I am not surprised that they would take someone in like that.  What a great lady Malee was.