I tend toward rambling, in word and life, so will keep it as close to the edge as I can. But tell Betty hi, and give her all my love.
1. I'd better stay in outline form.  Good Idea Pep.
2. I can tell you who was pushing the 'Blue Jay cooking beans' in Liberal, but Stephan Sauer will deny he knows me. And I suppose that is why we got the first place float trophy?
3. You and I are the only people that have ever read Science Fiction, other than Dannie, so including my quote from 2001 is too obscure.
4. I knew Fred, and John, and Cye, Floe, and Carol.  It was Si and what about Taddie.
5. Does every Brown except Allen have a keyboard and an ISP?
6. Did someone actually think the Sheriff was your grandfather?????/  hee hee
7. The Menzie's moved to Ulysses, the Jasper's went to Liberal.  One had the John Deere place, the other a dime store.  Haven't heard for Karen but Jill has stopped by and writes.  She teases me about Jim Lacy and his Evening In Paris Perfume.  And I thought the other guy was Johnnie Daniels all these years.
8. There were many of us kids dancing in front of the entrance to the Auditorium, catching snow flakes on our tongues back in '57.  Yep, and sliding down the sides of the steps.
9. My brother remembers Barbara?? (tee hee again) She still looks the same as she did then.
10. Who took Laverda to the 'Snowball?' (circa 1963/64) Surely not you and you know I would not have had the nerve.  Maybe it was you.  What do you think Cess?
11. Doug did not do much 'House haunting', don't confuse his do's with my don'ts (I try to forget my don'ts)
12. Ich fand das nett, ein bischen Deutsch auf diesem Seite.  (translation: Cimarron lets strangers spend the night now days?) Yes, but you had better knock before going downstairs to bed instead of coming up the stairs the next morning like at the folks.  Jane would not understand.
13. I'm not 'P'!  and this site still sucks!, heh heh.  (no really, was not me) A note in my guest page of which I do not know the sender.
14. Does the sandpit still freeze over enough to drive the Dodge on it? Now who are you talking about?  Tee Hee.
15. What is my first name?  (don't look at any records but those found in the school archives) and Pete knows anyway, don't you Clinton Carl? Ronald Glen Sears.  Fooled you.  May be two n's in Glen.
Some day I will tell you about the time that Butch Denton kicked my butt. 
Always remembering too much,
Pepper (not! 'P')