Just a note I received from Jill.
Dear Pete, Did not hear from Doug or get any of my Evening In Paris cologne I so desperately need.  I did however hear from  many Cimarron people and it was so very nice.  I have really had a rough month and have missed my dad more than I could even comprehend.  I lost my mom less than two years ago but now even though we are old (and you know how old) I have really had an orphan syndrome.  My dad and mom were a part of my everyday life and saw me through everything.  I held on to dad with all of my heart and I am really lost now.  I should have had you post his obituary since a lot of his life involved Cimarron.  If it isn't too late how do I do it.  It was in Garden and Dodge papers, can you download it from there?  Again thanks for a wonderful service you continue to do for Cimarron.  Jill
I had to have a tire fixed the other day and I saw one of those things you jack up a car on and the tears wouldn't stop thinking of all the times Jeff and I played with one of those while we waited until it was time to go to school in dads care and in the old shop.