Mystery Location
The Location Below Is Within Eight
Miles Of Cimarron.  Be The First To  
Figure It Out And Win A Free Cap.

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Number 9  Back in the good ol, wet ol days. 
Number 8  Small, new and well done.
Number 7   Let's communicate. 
Number 6   Harvest the old way, up hill both ways.
Number 5   The Marching Blue Jay.
Number 4   Jerry Wehkamp Hanger
Number 3   Vulture's Nest
Number 2   Lovers Lane
Number 1   Shady Lane
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(9)  This is a really tough location.  It was brought to me by Gene Benton.  It was taken in the late 80's.  Good luck and once again I am making this a two hat location.
Tom Smith has been real close to this one but is not there yet.  Here is a hint that should help.  "Sometimes the low way is not the right way."  Congratulations to Tom.  He finally figured it out. 
This is looking south on Hi-way 23.  The shelterbelt is just to the North of the old Hagen place now owned by Tony Weber.  The field covered in water is Ritchie Addison's hay field.
mystery8.jpg (48772 bytes)
(8)  This is a tough one.  Look far into the background for a clue.  Also, this view is towards the north/northeast.  Good luck and two caps for this one.  Steve Unruh figured this one out several days ago but I waited to see if anyone else would figure it out as well.  It is Ritchie Addison's new small feedlot south and west of town.
Mvc-366f.jpg (35844 bytes)
(7) This is an easy one.  Get your free hat, just let me know where this antenna is located.  I guess if you drive by this every day you should be able to guess it.  (Just kidding Dave) Dave Bryan is the winner of the free cap.  This tower is found at Blattners just south of town a mile.
mystery6.jpg (64105 bytes)
(6) I have felt I was being pretty easy with the mystery pictures but have had some problems figuring it out.  Here is one I know will be found. Let me know where it is and there will be a free hat for you.  Judd Yeager found the site.  It is just North of the Conant storage Sheds.
New for homecoming 
mystery5.jpg (70404 bytes)
(5) I remember when I was a senior and we marched (yes children, we marched in parades, and believe it or not at football games too) in the Pancake Day Parade in Liberal.  This blue jay won the best float trophy.  The pancake officials claimed we were cooking pancakes from the pot that used to hang from its forward talon.  Of course everyone knows that we were letting our beans "Simmer On".  I had always wondered what happened to our blue jay that always preceded our marching bands, but no longer.  Can you tell me where this is?  Be first to let me know and you will win a free cap.
By the way, the above story must be correct because Denis Wallace remembers it the same as I do.  That of course makes it pretty much a lock with Denis and I agreeing.
I was called this A.M. (10/13) by Chris Beery with the location of the the mystery picture.  Then by Email last night, Heather Busch called with the location, so once again we have two winners.  Congratulations ladies.  The location is the barn in the back of Gus Pacific's back yard.  Be sure and check it out but remember, it is on private property.
We have our second winner of number 4.  Janis Roberts, as well as Ron Hoskinson, found the location.  It is on the bottom map above.  It is located on the old Jerry Wehkamp farm.
mystery4.jpg (52974 bytes)
(4) I feel this should be easy for many of you.  I don't expect this to last long.  Good luck.
Yes, it was probably too easy.  Ron Hoskinson has found the site.  However, I am going to give another hat to the next person to find the mystery picture.  Congratulations Ron.
mystery3.jpg (70039 bytes)
(3) This should be easy to narrow down but you must have the exact tree.  Be the first to figure it out and once again, a free hat will be yours.
No winner of the tree picture.  It is located just behind the row of houses 1/2 block west of the east city limits on the north side of highway 50.
mistery2.jpg (55964 bytes)
We finally have our winner.  Steve Unruh has won the hat.  This old grain bin is located one mile east of Jeff and Chandra Bogner's home (Two in the map above).  I will have the new Mystery location loaded soon.  Congratulations Steve.
(2) You can find these all over the place but this one is unique.  Find it and let me know and a free hat is yours.
Congratulations to Chuck Hoskinson and Dennis Rohrbaugh on figuring out the first mystery location below.  It is located one road west of Doc Addison's house and then south (One on the map above).  Check it out if you are in the area.
mystery1.jpg (119884 bytes)
(1) This is not your normal country drive in these parts.  Contact me with the location and win a free cap.