I was looking for a site about Morro Bay, CA after we found a menu to our favorite place to eat when we lived in CA.  I found www.morro-bay.com and emailed a picture of the menu.  Morro Bay is a very unique town on the coast of CA straight west of the town I lived in when in CA., Paso Robles.  It's signature site is Morro Rock which by my memory is one of many huge rocks that go inland towards San Louis Obispo and seaward into the Pacific Ocean.  Morro Rock is the last that is above water and sits just at the harbor entrance and is 581 feet high.  Please take time to visit the site and look at the pictures and information.  Mike Baird is the webmaster for that site and the following are some of our communications.
Mike.  I used to live in Paso Robles in the early sixties.  One of our special outings was going to Morro Bay and eating at the Harbor Hut.  My dad recently passed away and in going through his things we found the attached menu for the Harbor Hut.  I don't know if it interests you but thought I would send it just in case it did.  Note the prices if you can see them.  For example the a la carte prices are all 50 cents less than the Complete Dinner prices.  Grilled Abalone Steak (our family favorite) was $2.00/$2.50.  At one time we owned Ferdi's Bar and Grill in Paso which is now the Rodeo Bar and Grill.  We also owned the Rodeo Bar and Grill when it was in Shandon CA.  If you get a chance click on www.cimarronkansas.com.  I do a similar service for our town that I think is quite unique.  Thanks for your time.
Pete Thomas
Pete, Thanks so much for the Harbor Hut menu.  I have published it at  http://morro-bay.com/early-cards/  for all to enjoy, and attributed the source to you and linked to your two web sites. I hope that was okay.   
http://www.cimarronkansas.net/ and http://www.thomasimp.com/ are pretty cool! How powerful this Internet is.  It sounds like your Dad was loved and respected http://www.cimarronkansas.net/dadCharlesThomas.htm 
by many, and my sincere condolences to you and yours.   
Thanks again for writing.  Warm Regards, Mike Baird, Morro Bay, CA Mike Baird mike@[remove]mikebaird.com  http://morro-bay.com  http://mikebaird.com If you email Mike be sure and remove the [remove]

Click on these thumbnails for a larger view.  Note the prices and also note what is included in "a la carte" and complete dinners.