August 28th, 2006. 

I just happened across the website again after a considerable absence.  I
noticed the obituary page, and the invitation to email you with possible
additions.  I do believe a very necessary one has been overlooked. 

I only discovered last night on the CHS website, while noting the dates and
times of Homecoming activities, that Mandi (McPhail) Steele had passed in
January of this year.  I was deeply saddened to hear it.   Although she was several
years ahead of my graduation date (1988), I remember her as a wonderfully fun
person whose very presence sparkled.  Her sister Marla graduated two years ahead
of me, her brother Matt was in my class, and Max two years later.  I do not remember
any point in my school career that did not reverberate with the name "McPhail"!

After learning of her passing, I did what investigation the internet would
allow.  I was not surprised to find that Mandi had devoted herself to teaching
and been beloved of her students and their parents.  I was also expecting the
information that surfaced showing she had remained devoted to athletics,
particularly running, and that a race had been named in her memory.  Besides
those bits, and her published obituaries, I was unable to discover much else.  I
do know that she left behind a bereaved husband and two young children, as well
as an expansive extended family, who would in all likelihood appreciate seeing
her remembered in some more permanent and personal venue.   I know I would. 

Please consider adding Mandi  Steele's obituary to your site. 

Laura (Williamson) Williams
Class of 1988