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alumĚnus: Pronunciation: a-'lum-nus  plural alumĚni

1 : one who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college,
or university.  (This May Mean You.  Let me know if you are not listed in the class in which you would have graduated.)

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For those who find this page and wonder what the big deal is, I would like to give you a little history on Cimarron's Homecomings. 

Many years ago homecomings were celebrated on a yearly basis here just as they are in most places.  As time went on it became apparent that attendance was not high enough to please all and especially not high enough to justify all of the hard work that was put into getting ready for homecoming. 

In the Fifties, ??, it was decided to start having homecomings every third year.  That means that if there is a homecoming when you are a freshman that you will also have one when you are a senior. 

Homecoming Queens are chosen from the sophomore, Junior, and senior classes.  Escorts were originally chosen from the football team, the captain generally being the escort of the Queen.  As time has gone on it has been decided by the powers that be that a King should be elected and that he and the other escorts should come from any male members of the student body.

Alumni volunteer to be on the homecoming committee.  This committee makes sure the homecomings run smoothly.  This committee arranges dinners, dances, parades and other functions.  Alumni join the Alumni Association to help with expenses.  When alum go to the homecoming football game their gate fee automatically goes to the Association to pay their dues.  Those with passes to the game need to remember to pay that night so their dues are paid. 

Over the years it has become a very big deal for many of Cimarron's Alumni to return home and renew old friendships, see family and to just plain have a good time.  The local community welcomes everyone with open arms. 

Many classes have their own parties.  These parties are often with just their own class, but just as often with other classes in "near year ranges".  For example, many of the 1960's classes meet above Clark's Pharmacy for food, drink and reminiscing fun times together.  Some alumni spouses and other non-alumni locals have their own parties. 

Many alumni move from party to party in order to see old friends from other classes.  There are many 'couples' that graduated from different classes that find moving from party to party a very acceptable way to see more of their friends.

Do I have facts wrong above or have I left out some important details?  Contact me and I will add or correct it.