alumĚnus: Pronunciation: a-'lum-nus  plural alumĚni

1 : one who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college,
or university.
Cimarron High School, like many schools around the country,  has graduates and
attendees that have many good memories from their high school years and want to
preserve those memories.  There are also those that would just as soon forget they
ever attended school for one reason or another.   
I have had requests from several former attendees to find a way to list those that
attended Cimarron's grade and high schools at one time or another but are not
included in the senior class pictures that are on this site.  I am starting a new format
to help do just that.
This page is for those who enjoyed their school years at Cimarron and would like a way to
re-establish contact with friends they had while here.  To make this happen I am providing
a listing that will list those former attendees.  I will list them in the class or classes they
request but only if they contact me do do so.  I would also be glad to put their senior
pictures in their class as well if they can email me a copy.
To see the format go to Cimarron's class of 1965 and check it out.  Just click here
and email me your request.  Thanks, Pete.
PS.  If you have contacted me before and you are not listed it is because I have
forgotten or lost your information, so please send it again.