A Little History on Our Town.
The Great Blizzard Of 57.
Great Flood of Sixty Five
Elsie Wagner's Book. "Cimarron, The Growth of a Town"  
Pictures Of The Old High School
A Letter From A Former Teacher, Wilma Watson English, Circa 1930
Main street Cimarron 1914 
I have started.  The Big 4th of July wind storm.  Let me know any stories you may want put down.  Also send me pictures if you have any.  I remember many of the large trees in the park being up-rooted as well as damage at the airport.
Cimarron KS, Where the Santa Fe Trail forked into two branch trails.  
Crossing the river at "The Cimarron Crossing” the wagon trains headed southwest to Santa Fe New Mexico.
The south trail was a desolate "near desert", a shorter and much drier trail,
which  made the trail very dangerous.  The biggest factor in its favor was that
it was much quicker and held little or no threat from Indians.
The other route followed the Arkansas River, west into present-day Colorado.  
Most of the Indians in that area of the country kept close to the Arkansas River 
where game and water were plentiful, which assured safety if the Indians could
be avoided.
The headwaters of the Arkansas River were on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and flowed eastward into the Kansas territory.  At a point in Colorado near "Bent's Fort,” the travelers made their turn to the south, across "Raton
Pass", then on to Santa Fe.
Present day Cimarron sets in the center of some of the most productive dry land and irrigated farms in the world.  Local industries thrive because of those farm products, such as cattle feedlots and dairies, as well as many other farm-related businesses.
In the near future we will be adding special pages highlighting many of those businesses. Come back often and catch up on what we are adding.
Have You Ever Wondered??
Why do Kansans call the Arkansas River the Ar-Kansas while the rest of the
world calls it the same as the state of Arkansas?  Click here to see my version.
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