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Kenny Lillibridge..born in Cimarron in 1941..grew up on a farm 2miles south of Kalvesta. Alvin & Mavis Lillibridge moved there in 1930 (my parents) went the first eight grades at Kalvesta grade school, then to Cimarron High, graduated in 1959. My grandparents Bill & Ida Lillibridge once managed the Cimarron Hotel, don’t know the years. Have lots of great memories, Cimarron Crossing celebration, won first prize one yr (riding a horse dressed up like an Indian, going to football games before my high school days and playing with Cimarron kids in the end zones. Remember the farmers & old timers sitting on the rail fence at the little park on the south end of main street, I think there was a grocery store on the west side.

Kenny Lillibridge

Hi Kenny. Got you email and loaded it on my comments page. I couldn't get the site to publish for quite a while and lost lots of emails so am starting them again. I do remember you. I graduated in 65 and my Uncle Frank was a year or so ahead of you. Yes, those really were the good ole days and still a pretty nice place to grow up and to live.  Thanks, Pete.

My name is Ivan Dean. Doubtful that anyone will remember me. I claim Cimarron as my home town and am very proud to do so. I did not graduate from CHS. Left there for Dodge City, et.el., about 1950 or 51. I have always claimed Cimarron as my home town and am very proud to do so. Since leaving there I have completed a career in the U.S. Army plus retirement from a teaching career as a ROTC high school teacher in southwestern Missouri. Those that I recall as friends were Richard Werner, Charles Rohrbaugh, Fred Kramer, Jimmy English, and a multitude of others whose names escape my memory at the time. If any of the other “older folks” happen to remember me I sure would like to hear from you. My e-mail address is I live in Joplin, MO. I remember great adventures at Cimarron (some I’d rather forget) that I would love share with you.

Hi Pete!

Wow!  I can't believe all the updates and features you've added since I contacted you and used it as a website for my students to use for some navigation skills practice a few years ago!  Congratulations for such a nice piece!

I also read with interest some of the additions you've made -- did not know they have torn down the "leaning" elevator -- that was the only cement structure in Cimarron when Dad arrived as manager of the Co-op in 1944.  By the time we left in 1967, the 3-part bins had been built on the Co-op side, and the wooden/tin structure -the old GANO elevator - had been replaced on the south of the tracks.  I only knew that one as the Southwestern Grain, but know it's had a couple other names since.  I also read with interest lots of the comments.  You are correct, the movie made there was "Small Town USA" -- it seems like Larry told me there is a copy of it either in the library or in some city archives that maybe Kathy Maguirk Holt or perhaps her Mom knew of.  I well recall that piece -- remember that Allen's dog "Boots" was pictured trotting up the Main Street as they said everyone knew everybody and their dog.  Shortly after that, Boots left us, we think for Hollywood.  In 1988, 25 years after the JFK assassination, I had taped a special that Tom Brokow was presenting one night on the assassination, and when I came home from class, I turned it on to make sure it had taped.  I startled my then-husband when I screamed, because they had started the special with a segment from that documentary made in 1962 or 3 -- it was footage of Dad drawing up the blinds of City Hall.  Since Dad had passed five years before, believe me it caught my attention. 

It's good to see several names I recognize from my growing up years on this comment page -- It's amazing some of the memories they've shared too.  Anyway Pete, I've started rambling, but just wanted you to know that, although I've now retired from teaching,  if ever I need to send someone to check out and learn some navigation practices, I'd feel comfortable using your site!  Your page links are clear, you know what you'll find at the other side of them, and the navigation guides are easy to find!  Well done! 

Darlene (Dolly) Brown Reece, Cimarron Schools K - 9 , Class of 1970. 

Thanks again Dolly.  I had forgotten about the Gano Elevator but remember now driving by it many times (seems to me it was on the north side of the tracks however, there may have been two of them).  It was on the route I used to use when dodging the night cops.  Whoops, did I write that out loud? I also was unaware that the leaning elevator was the only one in town other than the Gano.  The elevators on the south side are now owned by Irsik and Doll.  Irsik and Doll have made a big name in SW Kansas and are a great asset for Cimarron and the surrounding area.  Write again, and I will watch for you on the "You know you grew up in Cimarron Ks when" face book page.  I told Larry about it the page, He would have some "stuff" that could pierce steel if he let it all go.  Thanks again, Pete.


I was looking for pictures of Cimarron when I came across your site. It's wonderful. I lived in Cimarron till I was 14, going to school through Jr. High there, in the OLD highschool. My maiden name is Davis. My parents were Si (Silas) and Flo (Floella) Davis. Daddy work for United Telephone for years, and Mom worked at the Cimarron IGA. Both of my brother's graduated from Cimarron, Tad & John Daniel....
Thanks for the walk down memory lane... you can post my email if you like I like hearing from poeple I knew when...

Hi Janine.  I remember you well.  Johnny and I were always competing for the same girl friend and I hated it when he passed away.  I understand Tad lives in Missouri but I am not sure.  I will get you loaded soon and post your note.  I have been too busy to do much on the site lately but am planning on doing some catch-up soon.  Pete.

Thanks for getting back to me.. I remember you too and your parents very fondly. Yes, Tad is in Laurie Missouri, at the Lake of the Ozarks. John's family is in Ozark Missouri. I'm in Perth Australia via Kansas City Missouri. Mom's in a nursing home just north of KC in Excelsior Springs.
Hope life has been good to you .

Wanted to sign the guest book and was prompted to send an e-mail.
Just reminiscing lately about Cimarron. My grandparents were Rich and Margaret Walker. My dad is Dick Walker, aunt-Kay Walker Logan. My mom was Carol Rohrbaugh Walker.  Just was hoping to refresh my memories and learn more about the little town I used to visit during my growing up years. :) Julie Walker
I don’t know if you would remember me.  Your brother Tom and I were in school together.  Just this evening I enjoyed spending some time randomly looking at the web site.  Thank you for all your work.  I especially enjoyed reading what you wrote about your family.  So sorry to hear of your Dad’s death and also your brother’s.  When I read about Coach Friend, it made me think of Mr. Parsons (Larry).  Do you have any information about him?  Leon Weece
Yep, I remember you well. Trombone???? Can't remember everything.  Coach Parsons is talked about a lot around by the jocks still.  I think he may be alive yet, was going to be at Coach's induction into the HOF but couldn't make it.  I will try to find out more about him.  Thanks for looking at the site.  I don't do as much as I used to with it but it gets lots of hits.  Pete.
Thanks for getting back to me.  I wasn't the trombone player, but Dennis Tuggle was.  I was in the drum section.
I hope you can find some information about Mr. Parsons.  I made contact with Lloyd Stone a year or two ago.  Remember him?  He was the counselor.  Anyway, I look forward to what you can find.  Leon
Nice page.  I enjoyed looking back at the kids in my class.  Shawne (McPhail) Padilla
My name is Scott Windmiller. I live in Miami, Florida. My mother, Betty Louise Kendall Windmiller, Cimarron High School Class of 1938,passedaway on January 28, 2011 in Chicago Illinois. Her mother Cleo Routon Kendall, was Clerk of Gray County in the 1930’s. Her brothers were Buford, and Dale, and her sister was Alice Marie Kendall Askew, all deceased,. They also were graduates of Cimarron High School.  Her nieces (AnneStrasser, Kay Hoskinson and Sondra Kendall) and their families live in Garden City. I know that there are a number of cousins who still live in Western Kansas.  Upon my return to Miami with my wife Susan, we held a memorial service in our home, officiated by our rabbi, attended by over 40 of our friends, to celebrate Betty’s life.  The obituary as it appeared in the Chicago newspapers is as follows:
Betty L. Windmiller, nee Kendall, beloved wife of the late Alfred; loving mother of Vicki (Michael) Kmetz, Scott (Susan) and Dennis (Josphenie Iazzetto); dear grandmother of Marisa and David. Funeral services Monday, 11 a.m. at The Piser Chapel, 9200 N. Skokie Blvd. (at Church St.), Skokie. Interment Rosehill Cemetery. Memorials to Leukemia Research Foundation, 3520 Lake Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091. Info: Piser Funeral Services, 847-679-4740. Sincerely, Scott Windmiller
Scott, I will add this to the obit page as well.  pete
Virgil Thompson

I was just a kid 1940's when I boarded bus in Hutchinson and headed to Cimarron, Kansas. My uncle Vig as we called him and his wife Lucille lived with my Grandma Ray on the east side of Cimarron on hiway 50. Earlier Grandma Ray's house burnt down and a new house was built. UVig had been working on the Jacksonian for Mr.Sturnivenp t before 1940.  When I arrived in Cimarron early that morning no one was up and laid on the front grass.  When I awoke they were standing there watching me. Grandma Ray always had a big pot of coffee on and she fired eggs and bacon on a big plate. They had a son named Donnie Thompson. I would go down to the newspaper and I was fascinated at the machinery Uncle Vig used to put out the Jacksonian. He was sitting at the teletype and he spelled my name in the hot lead. I watch as he typed the news and as one world was typed it travel up to the other letters which was placed in a square box where it was tightened and placed in the printing machine. I watched as the big wheel turned bring down where it pressed on ink and as the paper rolled through the machine press down on paper the latest new that is happening in Cimarron at that week. I remember he spent most of his time during the day and evenings there and not much at home. Grandma Ray worked as a city clerk in the courthouse. I don't know what her job was. After about 20 years or more Vic left the Jacksonian. Grandma Ray came to Cimarron on a covered wagon. I remember her showing me her revolver.

Great Site!  My Mother, Lela Belt was in the class of 1946 and my Father, Gene Egbert was in the same class.  Most of my Aunt's and Uncle's on both sides attended.  My Grandmother, Velma Belt was Gray County Treasurer back in the 50's as was my Aunt Betty Lou Belt.  My Grand Parents, Merle Egbert and Lola, ran Egbert's Cafe & Tourist Court back in the 50's on East Highway 50.  My Uncle Dee Egbert is still blowing and going in California along with his wife Joan Phelps-Egbert.  I have many fond memories of spending time in Cimarron and even lived there during my first semester of College at Dodge City. 

Vaughn Egbert Fox.

Hi, I ran across your site while looking up some old friends from Dalhart. I am sorry to say I have no pictures of the 1957 blizzard but I remember it well. Our next door neighbor who was also my 1st cousin’s father-in-law, died in that storm. He was driving a railroad express truck and was lost in the storm. I believe it took at least three days before he was found in his truck which was covered completely in the snow only a few feet from a house. My maiden name was McKeegan. I came from a large family and my father worked on the railroad there. I have tried to locate pictures from various places of the storm but have not been very successful. One of my brothers was overseas at the time of the storm, so he missed it.

My two youngest brothers had been out for the evening and didn’t make it home until late the next day. I remember my Mom being so worried about them. They were probably 18 and 23 at that time.

Anyway it is nice to know there are people out there that remember. I just returned to Wisconsin from an all school reunion in Dalhart. Eight of us kids are left in the family and we were all home together. That doesn’t happen very often but it was sure nice to be together just one more time. Kay (McKeegan) Scanlon
Hi. I enjoy visiting your page now and then. I spent a lot of time visiting Cimarron in my youth to spend time with the Houk’s who lived there at the creamery.  I wanted to point out an inaccuracy in the Blizzard story. I was one of Gene Houk’s three children. We were actually visiting from Amarillo, Texas rather than El Paso, Texas.  Great site. I enjoy it very much.  Gene Houk, Jr.

Thanks for the note.  Most of the information of the blizzard came from the Jacksonian or I, and my memory is getting worse all the time.  I will make a correction on the blizzard page.  Glad you like and watch the site.  I have been tied up quite a bit and don't keep it up like I should.  Perhaps I can get back in the groove soon.  Pete.

Barbara Barhydt? Benny Basically the whole class...great memories. THank you for doing this website. Mary Lou Jones Van Sickle.  Mary Lou was a classmate of mine and moved away about the same time as I moved back from CA.  Hopefully just a coincidence. 
AUGUST, 2009
Pete, Really enjoyed reviewing your Cimarron info. You did a nice job-please keep up the good work.  As of today I plan to attend the reunion. Since I retired from the Navy my schedule is a lot easier to control. Please post the attendees and schedule of events, even if the events are not firm. Is anyone working with a motel in Dodge for group discounts? I will also send this question to  Also I would like to reserve a copy of the new class directory. You have permission to publish my information.  Alan W. Jacka, Class of 1962 (I did not graduate with my class, I attended Cimarron schools K through 3rd grade)

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 8446
Norfolk, Virginia 23503
757-675-9392 (c )
757-480-2288 (H)
Email Alan . Jacka @

Recap of the last 47 years.  1966 joined the Navy Aviation program, what a kick in the ****that has been. 1968 received Navy pilot wings in Pensacola, Florida, 1968 Moved to San Diego, 1969 – 1970 Served in Vietnam, 1970 Moved to Sicily Italy, 1973 Moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1987 Moved to Naples Italy (almost received my Italian citizenship-haha), 2000 Returned to Norfolk Virginia, 2005 Retired, 1967 Married Annette L, Denk from Agenda Kansas, Have two children Andrea and Aaron. Both have two children, Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Alan
JULY 2009
Hello. I am from an old Cimarron family, and although I have never been there, I have been putting things in order recently and want to learn more. My father was William Evans Jr. His father, Will Evans was the brother of JA Evans (Drew). The Evans General Store, pictured in the history book, is part of my family history. I have several artifacts from that store as well as numerous family pictures. My mother was an avid geneaolgist and I have a fairly complete geneaology of the Evans family going back way before colonial days. They came to America before the revolution, and I believe were shop keepers even then. I just need the time to scan it and get it all in order. My father also wrote out a little autobiography at my mother's insistance, which would be interesting, I think. During my childhood, I formed a relationship with a "penpal" from the Cimarron schools, who it turned out was the grandchild of the woman who raised my father after his mother died, whose name I believe was Margaret. I don't remember the name of my penpal. If anyone would like to get in touch with me, any Evans heirs, I would be happy to hear from you. My father passed away in 1993. But both my sons have the middle names (William and Rumsey) that keep the family names going. My email is Chris Miller
hello all - I lived in Cimarron from 56-60 and have fond memories of friends including Dennis Tuggle and Miles Davidson, and would love to know where they are. I've lived in Cannon Beach Oregon for 35 years and am currently the Mayor, big parade tomorrow on the 4th. Cimarron was a special place in the 50s, and hope its thriving. Mike Morgan.  I sent Mike information on Miles and Dennis.  He replied to my reply and asked about Joan Drussel and Jackie Settles.  If anyone has information about them let me know.  This is a good chance for me to remind everyone that Homecoming is this fall.  I informed Mike that alumni need not have graduated to be alumni.  If you ever attended Cimarron you are not only invited but expected to attend.  Pete.
JUNE, 2009
My great grandmother was the sister of Harry Brice from england. I believe he married a foughty. I do know he was a representative of that county. I am looking for pictures of the bldg he owned or any information about him. I believe he was attorney and he had a few other siblings that came over from England. Charles Edward Brice-Nash lived in Hutchinson Kansas, I found another brother and his wife in Texas. My great grandmother married Charles William McClure and they moved to Arizona. Any help would be aprreciated.
Debbie Oerman,
MAY 2009
I sold Sporting Goods starting in 1960.  I had lots of great visits with Larry.  What a motivator.  He always kept me at school too long, I had trouble getting on the road.  Don't you think he was a pretty good athlete?  I kind of think so.  I am 85 now, but I have not forgot our great visits at PVHS.  Jack Ward, Jack Ward Sporting Goods, Norton, KS, in business for 43 years in Norton.  Thanks for the note Jack, and yes, I think he was a "pretty good athlete".  Around here we go quite a bit further with that, as you probably do as well.  The stories that have been told are endless and very believable to me as I have seen him at work, Both as my coach and playing football in JUCO.  I have stolen this from Coach's page as a reminder that it is still on the site to view.  Thanks again Jack.
MARCH 2009
Pete, Randy Holland here. I saw your “Who are they” picture of the basketball picture and as my Dad, Bob Holland, is #17 I sent the picture to him to see if he remembered the team. This is what he and Mom came up with:
#5—Gene Egbert
#12—Jerry Davis
#14—Dean Stranaphan
#17—Bob Holland
#19—Ralph Koehn
#20—Johnny Flowers
#21--? Winter (was principle/ history teacher/assit. basketball coach CHS 1952)

Mom and Dad are doing fine living in south Texas. Marilyn and I are doing fine living in Illinois. Looking forward to Homecoming this year. See ya. Randy
Hi. My name is Garold E. Roberts. I was born in Cimarron in 1922. I graduated from CHS in 1942....Wow...that was 67 years ago! It's amazing I remember that!!! My twin brother, Harold E. Roberts, and I played football, basketball, and ran track. After serving in The US Army during World War II, I moved to Tucson, AZ, and have lived there since 1946. I heard you are having a Class Reunion in September. Please give my regards to Cimarron and CHS. GO BLUE JAYS!!!

Do you have any information on the surviving members of the Class of 1942. If so, could you can send it to me via e-mail through my daughter, Jeanette Jordan at It would be sincerely appreciated.

Enjoy the reunion! Someone please have a soda for me at Clark's Drug Store. Do they still have cherry cokes at the soda fountain? I have fond memories of Cimarron.

Thank you,
Garold E. Roberts
1984 W. Myrtlewood Lane
Tucson, AZ 85704-0954
My Name is Clinton G. Meier, and I want to inform you that picture #16 of the 1924 Class of graduates is my Grandmother, Mary Rettie McDaniel.  She married David A. Meier in 1926.  My father, David O. Meier, was born in Cimarron in 1929.  Bob Culver, who is married to Pat (Thomas) Culver, is my dad's first cousin.  Both of my grandparents are deceased.  My father lives in Boulder, Co., and I live in Kansas City MO.  Best regards.  Clint Meier.  It is good to hear from you.  Pat Culver is my Aunt, a sister to my Dad, Charlie Thomas.
Hello just writing to say that ive visited Cimarron w a friend of mine and I enjoyed it a lot. My friends name is Cynthia Rohrbaugh-Brooks. Thank You. Cynthia if you see this my num is 580-584-3939 call me anytime.
Your Friend,
Karina, from Tx
Good afternoon, I recently purchased a copy (original) of The Jacksonian, dated Friday March 11, 1887. Evidently it was the newspaper for the town of Cimarron Kansas. Fascinating. Evidently it was an issue celebrating the creation of Gray County.. It has engravings of all the major buildings including The Klaine Hotel, Merchant’s Hotel, J.A. Perry’s Hardware Block, The Cimarron Bank, Public School Building and more.  One of the more interesting footnotes talks about a man killing a gray eagle, measuring seven feet two inches from tip to tip, with a thirty two pocket pistol.
I bought it at an antique store near my home in Middleburg Virginia. Although I love old documents, it seems someone other than me should have this. Would one of you like to have it?
Best personal regards,
Peter Justen
President MyBizHomepage, Inc.
Hi, A cousin sent me the web site address when she found it doing genealogy research.
My grandparents, Gerhard & Neola (Sands) Brooner moved here to Colorado in the 1930's from Cimarron. My great grandparents Andy & Emma (Farrell) Sands had a farm East of Cimarron. My great Aunts & Uncles have families there. I would really like to be contacted if anyone remembers the Sands family. Any stories or info would be greatly appreciated.
I love the website and have gotten senior pictures of my grandmother and several of her sisters & brothers. Nikki Gray
The O'Leary's, Butlers, and Taylors, greet Cimarron, Kansas neighbors from Shasta Lake, Ca.
Pete: I was looking at this a.m. and read about the Santa Fe Trail marker erected by by the Kansas Historical Society. There is another Santa Fe Trail marker next to the Veterans Building out by the Fair Grounds. It was installed in Cimarron about 1906 by the Kansas Society Daughters of the American Revolution. I think that it was first located by the stop light on Main Street and later removed to its present location. It has an interesting history.
An earlier note...I have looked at several times. My home was in Finney County but Cimarron has
always been special to me. I attended Garden City High School as your father did. In my Daniels family, we have eleven who
graduated from Cimarron High School. Norma Jane Daniels. 
Norma Jane is the mother of one of my classmates, Mary Ruth. Pete.
JULY 2008
In the early 1980's I was driving a car load of college boys back to St. Mary of the Plains from a Colorado ski trip. We were blinded in a blizzard which shut down that part of the State. We were fortunate to be found by a farmer/rancher on horseback who guided us into Cimarron. The kind people who were remodeling the hotel made room for some very tired and hungry kids. I will never forget the squeaky beds (but I slept like a log). When daylight came the world was awesome. Semi's and buses in fields, all the roads closed. We made it into Dodge City later that day to learn that the whole city was shut down, no retail, no banks, no post office (exams at the college postponed)

Those boys are long grown up and moved to far points of this great country but I am sure that they like myself will always think of Cimarron when it snows.

Jane Markwell
Roeland Park, Ks
Dear Pete,
It's been four years since we came to Cimarron. That was my husband's first visit to Western Kansas. Since then, we've moved back to the Kansas City area, settled into new jobs and are making our home here.  I started working on a family genealogy project a year ago. I stumbled into it while on the Web looking for something else. I remembered my aunt, Yvonne (Bryan) Parsons has sent me some of the genealogy information a year before which I had put in the safe. Once I started digging, I couldn't seem to stop. I called Aunt Yvonne to tell her what I was doing; she was ecstatic! She and Aunt Lorraine (Bryan) Nugent helped me a lot with this project which I finished up the middle of June this year. We're coming to visit family in September and having lunch with a group in Dodge City while we're in town. It should be very nice.  Hope things are well there - the website looks great! Keep up the good work.  Celeste Kvetensky, Olathe, KS. 
Thanks Celeste, good to hear from you again.  I also have you loaded on the "Who Are They?" page.  You kind of had an edge but it works for me.  Pete.
MAY 2008
Pete: I was going to ask permission to post the picture of the town team vs. the Harlem Globetrotters, but I found your "download pictures" page. I am sending the link to my post about it from my blog for your inspection to make sure I have it attributed to you correctly. got the info from a couple of emails forwarded to me from Randy Burns and I forwarded them on to my Uncle Bill - he might recognize some of the players. I'll be in touch if he ID's anyone else.

Also, my little blog got some pretty good traffic from this post: might enjoy it - if you have time, look around some. One of my "projects" will be to take some pictures of some of the old schoolhouses (and foundations) and post them when I get time.  I certainly haven't thanked you lately for your site - there aren't many small towns around here that have a site like yours with the wealth of info on them. I've enjoyed it greatly for years, and use it for referencing memories. So, thanks!  Jeff Borland. Thanks Jeff, good to hear from you.  I looked at your blog and suggest it to anyone who finds this posting.  Good Job. Pete.
Hey Pete,
I too stumbled upon this website, and have gotten a kick out of seeing my old town and friends. My name is Nick Phelps and I would have graduated with the class of 1981--it was interesting to see my old classmates in their Graduation pictures. My dad was Neal Phelps and was the Guidance Counselor of the schools from around '65-'71.  He was best friends with Principal George Giddens (who I still remember taking a paddle to me--times have changed!).
I still talk about getting a scoop of ice cream at Clark's for 5 cents (2 scoops for a dime). We used to go to Skidmore's all the time, and if we were extra good--my Dad would treat us to a t-bone steak. Those were the days! I'm curious if anyone remembers my Dad, Neal, I can remember going on debate trips with him when he coached the Debate Team. He died young, like George Giddens. My family and I drove through Cimarron in 2000 moving from NYC to LA, and I sure wish we could have stopped and checked out the price of a cone.
One of the houses we lived in which I think was on the corner of the 23 and Court or Kansas, sure looked fixed up. Do you remember who the older woman who lived in a "mansion" behind (west of) that house was? She and the house were an item of great curiosity to young children.
Anyway, thanks for the website, I'll have to tell my brother Chris, and sister, Michelle about it. 
Yes, I remember your dad and sorry to hear that he passed away.  I graduated in 65 and was in college and/or drunk most of the time he was here so my memory of him is not as good as it should be.  The ice cream cones are now a buck including tax, just one dip but they really pile the ice cream on.  I think the house you lived in is now owned by Ritchie Addison and he has fixed it up really nice.  The house to the West now has two of our local lawyers living there, Phil and Pat Ridenour.  The house is the old Pearl Luther house, and mansion is a good description of it.  I remember going there as a young kid.  Thanks for the note and be sure and stop in if you get back this way.  There are a lot of people that I am sure remember your family.  Pete
I accidentally stumbled across this web site when searching for my sister. I soon found myself sifting through the pages of senior pictures and became a bit nostalgic. Thanks for the memory refresher. I didn’t realize how much time had actually passed. I haven’t been back to visit since 1977. It was good to read about people I went to school with and see the graduating pictures of my sisters and their friends, not to mention my classmates. I wanted to say this is truly a wonderful web site and one I will enjoy checking back with. I unfortunately was not among my graduating class of “75” but did go on to finish my education and am now a Senior at Doane College in Lincoln, NE. of course I am fifty now, but who says it’s too late to learn. I would like to leave my email address in case anyone feels like saying hello. Once again…wonderful website. Kristin Ford/ klfbell@hotmail.comI have been very busy this summer and have not kept up with the guest page.  I will try to find the ones I have missed.  Thanks for the nice letter, Pete Thomas.
I'm Loren Wheeler, Senior 1942. My wife, Darlene died 22 March 2007 after a very long illness.
I'm looking forward to the next High School reunion.
My condolences, hope to see you at the next reunion.  Pete.
I’m from Cimarron and now semi-retired as an ISP running some of my own websites:
·  (WIP)
·  (WIP)

My Mother was Marilou Sapp Whiting and Grandmother was Hattie Sapp. I found it funny that my insurance man in Marfa, TX (Big Bend area of Texas) has a Plains Insurance map on the wall. I have been bagging him for it. While I love the plains but I can’t deal with the cold so I retired here. Like the website and if you ever need any techie help I spent 38-years as a computer consultant to NASA and other government agencies. I have special servers for streaming TV and you can see me in a poor video of myself talking about our on-line magazine that will be printed in September, .
Glen Whiting -- Class of 1969, 877-440-8910
JULY 2007
Hi, Pete!
This is Michael Burkhart. I don't know if you remember me, but I was 1 year behind Phillip in school and on the swim team with him. I can't thank you enough for keeping up the Cimarron website. Since I and my parents (Larry and Debra) have moved away the Cimarron website is really the only way I can keep up on local news. Obviously, I had not heard anything about Erin Wade until I went to your website and visited the obituaries page. Needless to say, I was shocked... she was in my class.  That is really the reason I am emailing you. On Michael Hardy's obituary page, you said that you wished you could remember the name of the restaurant they operated in Dodge City. It was called the "West Side Grill". I dated Dallas for a brief time in High School, and we ate there a few times.
Hope this info is helpful, and thanks again for keeping the website going.

Michael Burkhart, Managing Consultant, Trinity Consultants, 1715 Tower Drive, Suite 100, Stillwater, MN 55082, Direct: (651) 351-3988
Office: (612) 605-8201, Fax: (612) 605-5632, 

Yes I remember you but I can't say that about many of the kids in school now with mine all graduated. Thanks for the kind words. I would like to put your note on my Guest Book page but don't do that without permission. People are always interested in what is going on with everyone. Let me know, and thanks again. Pete.

JUNE 2007
Is there any way to purchase one of the painted reunion bricks (picture of the old high school)? I would very much like to have one. My Dad, Milton Truax was born and raised in Cimarron. My Grandma was Judge Grace Truax, my Uncle Galen Truax and my Grandfather Hays Truax were Sheriffs at different times. My Grandma's family were the Hoppers who had a large store in Cimarron.  Thank you for any help your can give me.
Peggy Truax
6527 Finch Ct
Fort Collins, Co 80525

Peggy, I think Judy (Hunt) Salem has the blocks, I will email her and let her know you are interested in getting one.  Pete.

MAY 2007
I was wondering if you would put some information about Erin Wade on your website. I know it is all over the news but I want people to remember "Erin". She graduated from Cimarron in 1994 and also her brother has passed and graduated in 1989.  Cassandra Fisher.
  Absolutely, I would be glad to.  Click Here for Information.
Congratulations Phillip Marshall!! Class of 2007!  On your wins at KU, State Journalism Competition!  2nd in Yearbook Sports Writing, Honorable Mention for Newspaper Sports Writing and 3rd in Broadcast News.  We are proud of you!!!  Mom and Dad, Nicole, Vince, Julie, Payton and Ethan.
APRIL 2007
Hi Pete! I came across your webpage, and thought I would drop a note to say HI! I haven't been back to Cimarron in a LONG, LONG time, and from the looks of it, it sure has changed. A lot of the pictures you have on here bring back some good memories. Ever since my dad -- Darrel D. Thomas Sr. and my mom Lillie Kathleen Thomas passed away, I am drawn even more to the history of Cimarron. I plan on making a trip out to Kansas around the first or second week of July to say hi to everyone. Hope all is well, and keep up the great work on the webpage! Talk to all of you later. Take care. Dee Dee Thomas. (Darrel Dean Thomas Jr.)  Dee Dee is my cousin and lived here when he was young.  Hope to see you when you get here. Pete.
Hey Pete,  Ben Hertel here,
My Dad gave me this old computer to use in my garage for a race car data acquisition computer and I found this link to the Cimarron web page. Sweet; It's kind of like flipping on the history channel (which is my favorite; I know I'm a nerd)) and finding your home town.  Don't know if you know or not but I'm a Deere man. Yep, I work for Deere in Coffeyville, KS. We have a transmission plant here. We build transmissions for the 9000 series tractors, motor graders, log skidders an lots of other non Deere OEM customers. I work in electronic controls. So just remember the next time you cuss those damned engineers that create that little brain box or computer or what ever most people call it, your cussing me. I went to college at Pittsburg State University and graduated with a bachelors of science in automotive technology. In my automotive classes they called the controller FRED. Fricken Ridicules Electronic Device!!! Back in those days I didn't know a thing about Controllers.. In fact I started with Deere by turning wrenches in the transmission test lab and I got interested in electronics by creating automated tests. (self taught) The electronics manager saw what I was doing and one thing led to another and now I'm writing software for transmission controllers.
I actually live about 2 miles south of Coffeyville which is in Oklahoma. Yep I'm officially an Okie, but I don't like to admit it. ha ha
I got into dirt track racing here in Coffeyville. I built my own stock car from scratch and I'm hooked. I've been racing for about 4 years. Its been a learning curve but I'm having a ball and that is what it's all about. I check the Dodge City and Jetmore racetrack web sights every once and a while just to see if the rules are even similar, maybe I'll come back home a race one weekend.
I've got to mention one of my other hobbies. I love to head to Waynokia, OK (Little Sahara Sand Dunes) with my 28' enclosed trailer full of 4-wheelers and hit the dunes. If anyone likes to throw sand let me know, I try to go at least 4 times a year in the spring and fall.
Well, I've been rambling on for too long, post it if you want.

Thanks for the note.  You have helped prove one of my theories; Everyone is either a Deere person, wants to be a Deere person or ought to be.  I have lots of theories so don't you non-Deere people get too excited.  Sounds like you have found that "hobby" everyone searches for.  Glad you have it and enjoy it.  Don't worry about the Oakie part, you have to live somewhere.  Just stay a Kansan at heart and you will be OK.  Come by the shop and I will buy you a pop or coffee.  Tell your dad if he needs any help on the computer to give me a call.  Actually, don't tell him that, but he would know what I am saying if you did.  Pete.

Hmmm...Since I´m not sure of the English spelling of the word adress I go for the Swedish spelling "adress". Well, this is the adress I use. I was an exchangestudent in the class of `89. If you have any e-mail adresses to some of my former classmates I would be happy to have them. It would be nice to know what people are doing now, nearly 20 years later! Best regards, Björn Kvarnmalm/Sweden.  I am listing your email here in hopes some of your classmates see it and contact you.  Pete.
I worked for Cimarron Insurance Company in the late 1960’s and worked with Gene McAdams and Salty Briney. Rememberd the drug store on the corner well. I too remember the big snow of 1957 but I lived as a child of 7 in Barber County. The main thing I remember was school was out for a week…. Rosie L. Young, International Insurance Brokers, Ltd. 401 South Boston, Suite 600,Tulsa, OK 74103. 918-592-4200, 918-477-4146 (D) .  I see Gene often and had forgotten about Salty but remember him now that you mention him.  I think school was out here for two weeks but everything was bigger and time was longer back then.
This is a great web site. I thought I would give you an edition for the 50th anniversary of the snow storm. My name is Rick Wooderson, the son of Jack and Janice Wooderson. I live in Hutchinson, Kansas right now, but was born in Cimarron during this snow storm. My parents who now live in Willis, Texas, just north of Houston, lived in a mobile home in the back yard of a Mr. and Mrs. Wooden. On March 25th, 1957, we had to be moved into the home of the Woodens, so that my motehr could give birth to me. I can be contacted at Thanks, Rick Wooderson, Hutchinson, Kansas.  Thanks for the kind words.  I would love to see the book.  I guess you will always remember the year of the blizzard.
MARCH 2007
Click Here for a note and picture from Jacqueline (Hoskinson) Jambor Greenwood Village, Colorado. Thanks for the note and kind words.  I am like you and wish more would send notes for the guest page.  I hope everyone clicks on the link to your page.  Pete.
I received this email from Patricia Taft at Raytheon.  I would like to use it to inform and remind everyone of my rules for using information from this website.

May I use some of your Kansas Ice Storm pictures you have on your website.  It's for a report I'm writing that maybe tops, 10 folks will see. I'm reporting on the effects of high winds.  I do NOT see a copyright on your website anywhere. I'm using 4-5 pictures, maybe paring down to 2 possibly 3. I'm only showing the downed power lines. Thanks, Patricia Taft, PhD.
I have a page that gives permission to use all of my information, but I don't know if it is easy to find.  All that I ask is that it is used accurately and in good taste.  And if you make lots of money with it, send some my way.  Try to keep it under a million dollars as I am trying to keep my taxes down.  Also I would like to use your note in my guest page as a reminder that it is ok to use my stuff; let me know if that is ok.  Pete.
Thank you for giving your time to have this information available to us. I enjoy reading it from time to time and have included a small part of it in the information about my parents I am saving for my own children and grandchildren. Wilma (Willy) Leatherwood Berry.  You are welcome and I like your idea for your children and grandchildren.  I will have to look into that as some of my grandchildren are getting to the age where they might be interested, and my kids had better be watching it.  Pete.
Congratulations to Nicole Marshall, Cimarron JR/SR High School for winning the Cimarron Spelling Bee!  We are proud of you!
Love, Mom, Dad, Phillip, Vince, Julie, Payton and Ethan.
Hello from Washington, DC.
I just took a look at the website. great job with lots of pictures to remind me of home. the blizzard of 57 was really something to remember, not to mention the flood of 65.  I was home the first week of January this year and talked to brother Joel Daniels who had worked 9 days straight on the power lines and still did not have power to his own house.  Anyway, keep up the good work. hope to see you all again soon.
Mary Daniels Johnson, class of '65, 503 Roosevelt Blvd Apt A318, Falls Church, VA 22044, 703-534-4306 home 703-627-7618 cell.
Always nice to hear from a former classmate. Hope all is well in the Capital.
Pete, Back when we were kids (last year) they made a TV movie in Cimarron. I think the name was Small Town America and I believe it was about 2 towns. One would be a success and one was not going to do so well. Cimarron was chosen to be the winner for the most likely to succeed. I remember playing softball in the Cimarron crossing park for the movie and I was also in it riding my bike in front of the old post office down the little hill there. Does anyone know what happened to that film? It might be interesting to dig out and see all the movie stars in it.
I also wanted to thank all who were responsible for getting me information on the homecoming events etc. I was very touched by being included after all these years in the listing for the graduating class of 1970. I appreciate it. I will always be a kid from Cimarron Kansas.
C.B. Cessna
  C.B.'s sister Laverda (Cess) was in my class and I remember you well C.B.  I spent many hours at your kitchen table with your sisters and your mom, with you running around all the time.   Glad you found the site C.B.  Pete. I wrote C. B. back and told him we do watch the film on occasion and that I thought it was Small Town USA and that there were three towns.  I just don't recall for sure.
I ran across your website and am interested because I lived in Dalhart, Texas in March of 1957.  I have photos that are put away but could get them out at some point. Roberta Ridgway. 

I wrote back to Roberta asking to put her note in my guest pages.  Here is her reply. Pete.

I just got your note and am excited to be a part of guest pages.  I am 70 and raising two grandkids so I keep pretty busy.  I do have some neat photos.  I have a big page from the Dalhart paper with the story, so I will have to dig it out from wherever I put it and see if I can reproduce it.  Click Here to see Roberta's story and pictures.

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