The Great Bryan Expedition Prepares for their dangerous search for the Ar-Kansas (No Chris,
not the Ar Can Saw) River.  Word has been received that it is roaring towards Cimarron.
I found there were three basic rules one must follow when exploring with the Bryans.
1.  Never follow Dave
2.  Stay out of Steve and Chris' way.
3.  Never follow Steve and Chris.

We unload our mounts.

You will never see a braver crew.

Yes, even the Bryans needed good help.

Roaring west up-river

Which way?

Watch out.  Here it is.  About a foot/min.

This is about 15ft up river.

This is about 25ft up river


Steve gets off to explore on foot.

What water dad?



Now that's a splash

Wait up, here I come.

The scouts are out to see where we are.

We must get back to warn the settlers.

Looking for phone numbers.

Hey Steve, your name is up here.

Hi Steve.

A settler trying to build a dam to stop the river?

No Dave, we didn't find the Pacific Ocean.

Come on Pete, it's big enough.

Steve, Chris, come look, he's stuck.

Watch out Chris.  nice air Steve.





Homeward bound after a successful Journey.