I am not sure if you remember me but my name is Tonya (Schroeder) Gordinier.
My father is Larry Schroeder and he worked for your father at John Deere for
many years.  I used to baby-sit for you children.  I always wonder how the kids
I used to watch have grown up.  I am very sorry for your loss.  I know it is
difficult as my mother Sharon died in 1994.
One of my favorite things about my dad working at John Deere was the Christmas
parties.  I remember how Charley would give gag gifts to the guys.  My dad received a
whisky decanter of a little boy using the bathroom, the whiskey squirted right of his
privates.  My brother Jeff and I used to play with it with water and just laugh forever.
I always wondered where he found such a thing.
I still have a little pewter box and the earrings that came in it, that Charley and Betty
gave me.  I used to love having the chance to go to their pool parties, we always had a
blast.  You do not have to post this, I just saw the site and wanted to say hello and
to say how sorry I am.  I would love to hear from Jane or yourself.
Take care and God Bless You.
Tonya Gordinier.
It is very nice to hear from you Tonya and I am very happy to post this letter on the site.
I always knew kids liked dad but I am continually amazed at the numbers.
I do remember you and having you watch Karyn and Tim.  Chris, our oldest is in
Colwich and is a chemical engineer for Vulcan in Wichita.  He has a wife Shannon, and
three children.  Phil is in Lawrence and will be married later this month.  He is a
Senior program engineer for a company in Lawrence.  Karyn is married and is
a special education teacher at Manhattan High School in Manhattan KS.  Tim is
a Junior at Benedictine in Atchison KS.
I see your dad occasionally and remember you mom very well.  She was one tough
cookie.  I recall the stopper you talk about also.  If I am not mistaken there is one still
in the shelves at the folks house. 
Thanks again for the nice note and stop in and say hi when you get this way.  Pete.