This note is from Larry Gene Neuschafer.  He is Charlie's oldest grandchild. 
Thanks for the memories Larry.
     The first thing that I can always remember about grandpa is being out at the John
Deere and he would always get us a pop or candy bar out of the old candy bar
machine.  Chuck and I would always go out with him in the country to check wells
and go ride the combine with him.  Of course, when we were with him while riding
in the pickup, he was the only man I know that could open the door and spit his
tobacco juice out while driving down the highway at 70 mph and still stay in his lane. 
I donít think he hit his pickup with the juice very often either.  One other thing that
sticks out in my mind is how when he had something that had to be done, he would
always get in a big hurry.  Sometimes he wouldnít even turn around on the farm road;
he just would stick the truck in reverse and go about 20 mph.  He did not have
enough time to turn around. 
     I also remember how he always liked to entertain, whether it be family or friends of
his and grandmaís.  He always had a good time.  When we would be swimming at the
pool, he would always come out and see us and talk to our friends.  He and grandma
did not miss many of my sporting events through Jr. High and High School.  Looking
back, he and grandma attended programs and games of the grandkids for probably
20 years straight.   
     He always was teaching me how to be a man while I was younger.  How to wave at
everyone, even if you donít know them, make sure you always look for trains even
when there are crossing guards, etc.  Of course, while I was going to college and
farming with him on the farm, he always had such a positive outlook, even when
the farm was struggling.  He always stressed to me to make the most out of what
I have, because time just goes faster and faster all the time.  Boy, he was really right
on that one, even though I did not believe it at the time.   
     Grandpa really loved my wife Charlotte and our kids.  While he was still farming and
Charlotte ran a daycare out at the house at the farm, he would almost always stop by
and see the kids (with candy of course).  Charlotte said that he would be out checking
wells and drive out by the house going to the pivots, and the kids would think that he
forgot about them.  Then here he would be coming back and stop at the house to see