Betty and Charles entered my life when I was 16 and wanted to come back to Cimarron to
finish High School.  Pete was a good friend and knew his folks would take me in.  My
parents were having marital problems at the time and later divorced.
They set the rules for me and I dared not disobey.  I always hated Charlie's words of "do
whatever you think is right."  That always meant "NO!"
I always felt included in the Thomas family for all events.  When my boys were born,
Betty and Charles were there as proud grandparents.  They had the family environment
that meant a lot to me and my family.
Family meant so much to Charlie and during his busy working days, he would always
take time to say Hi as we gathered around the pool for fun and meals.
Meals out with the whole family did mean everyone - babies included.  Tobe was just
a few months old and cried the whole time out, but we had the whole crew there!!
We will miss Charlie and his smile as we enter the room, offers of candy, pop or juice
and the walk to the door when we left.  He was one of a kind - and loved by many.
Foster daughter - Susan (Wheaton) Wallace
Thanks Susan.  I am sure most who read this knows Susan had three sisters and a brother. 
Cindy, her youngest sister, passed away recently from cancer so I know this has been a
tough time for Susan.  Cindy was probably the only Wheaton girl that I did not have a crush
on at one time or another.  She was just too young.  Connie was the oldest and then came
Susan and then Becky before Cindy and Rod.  I could start a whole web site just on the
Wheaton's, but I probably won't get to that.