Pete.  I enjoyed reading the stuff, your letter and all.  It seems that what I remember is
what you said.  I just said it shorter. (Pepper has written earlier "He once (a lot more
than once) told me 'Pepper, blood is thicker than water.'  He loved his family.)  
I remember the salvage yard and goggles.  I remember you and Tom on your way out there,
getting a drink of water at our place. 
I remember your dad and mine carrying a hand grenade out of the house!!! I still laugh about that one.
I knew Charlie in a couple of the generations.  He never changed, he just adjusted.  And he could
sell you the shoes you had on when you came in, and you would walk out happy to have them,
and a spring in your step to boot: (Pepper said that better than I did)  Tell everyone hi.
For those who do not know or do not remember, Pepper is the second son of Milt and Lillian Sears.
I ran with Pepper and his cousin Skipper Russell from Dodge most of my high school years.  Over
the years, my folks would never know when Pep was coming.  Sometimes they would just see his
luggage in the hall and knew he was in the basement sleeping.  Thanks for the nice note Pep.  Hope
you show up this way again, sooner the better.  I know you will.