My name is Debbie Fowler.  I don't know if you remember me or not.  My dad
was Fred Lancaster and my mom Virginia.  My dad  worked for your dad in the
70's at John Deere.  I also lived in Cimarron in  the 70's and my ex-husband (Jim)
and I had the machine shop next to Joe & Larry Salem's Auto Parts store.
Rita Cunningham e-mailed me with the news about your dad and told me about
your web site.  I thought I would take the opportunity to send my, and my families,
condolences to you, your mom, and the rest of Charlie's family.  There are not any
words in any language that can heal the heart after someone we truly love and
admire passes and leaves us behind.  But as they leave us behind we try to remember,
cherish, and share all the memories we can about them.
My dad passed away in May of 2000 due to complications from a stroke he had
had in March. I still think of him everyday and miss him more each day that passes.
I remember him working at John Deere and talking of times he and my mom went
to Vegas with Charlie and Betty, especially their escapades on the golf courses.
My mom, Betty, and Joetta also used to bowl together.  I think I have a picture of my
mom and dad and your mom and dad that was taken at one of the shows in Vegas.
If I can find it - would you like to have a copy?
One other thing, if you would be so kind.  I noticed that Susan (Wheaton) Wallace was
listed in the obituary.  I have been trying to find out about her sister Becky.  Becky
and I went to Larned High School together and were best friends but I lost contact
with her many years ago.  Last I knew she was in California but had moved from there.
Would you please ask Susan to either e-mail or write to me how I could contact Becky.
I would greatly appreciate it. 
 Please tell your mom, Tom, Joetta and Larry, and all your family how very
 sorry we are for your loss.
 Debbie Fowler
 542 S Extension Rd #107
 Mesa, Arizona 85210
Hi Debbie and thanks for the kind words.  I will get this to Susan and I am
sure she can get you Becky's address and phone number. I do remember you
and Jim as well as your parents.  Of course I recall Fred the best as we
worked here at the dealership together.  I was not aware that he had passed
away.  He was always a lot of fun and I recall he loved visiting his
grandchildren, I think some of them were in Colorado where he later moved.
The trips to Vegas were quite a deal back then.  We don't do those types of
things any more as the economy is so poor.  To be honest, I don't think we
would anyway.  I guess I am not built in the mold of Charlie.  That is probably
not all bad.  I would love to have a copy of the picture if you could find it.
Sorry to hear about your dad but we must make room. We would not have
grandchildren or great grandchildren if it wasn't that way. I have learned very
much about death in the last two years as my father-in-law also died. He was
like a father to me as well as Charlie but in a different way. They both lived life
their way right up to the end and both died with great dignity as I am sure Fred
did. I have decided that all of us are going to get out of this mess alive, we just
have to die first.  Then when we meet whomever at the pearly gates he just says
"welcome" or "I told you so" and there will be no do-overs. Thanks again for
the kind words.  Pete