Darrel is the son of my Uncle Dean, (Darrel).  I bet I was in my teens before I knew Uncle Dean's real name was Darrel.  I am glad to post your memories of Dad, but I have just as good of memories going to Uncle Dean and Aunt Kathleen's for a week or so in the summer.  Hope all is well and write when you can.  Pete.

Hey Pete,
Your cousin Darrel Jr. here.  I saw your posting of your Dad.  I wanted to write to you and tell you of one of my fondest memories growing up.  I remember when my mom and dad (Darrel Thomas and Kathleen (Owen) Thomas) would pack us kids up and head out and visit Uncle Charles and Aunt Betty.  I was always excited because your mom and dad had the greatest swimming pool!!!  Shannon and I used to go in and hug everyone, go straight to the bedroom's, change into our swimming trunks, and go diving into their pool!  Uncle Charles used to come out drinking his Coors light, and smoking his cigar laughing at all of us kids in his pool. I think it truly made him happy to see all of us kids having the time of our lives!  It was heaven to us kids from Colorado who really didn't have much growing up. I truly miss Uncle Charles and everyone else out there in Cimarron!  I hope all is well with you and your family.  Love your webpage!  It really brings back a lot of memories, and brings a smile to my face every single time. Take care. Darrel Thomas.