I received the following E-mail from one of Coach's former players from Cherokee, Mack McIntire.

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008
Please consider my comments about coach.

Coach friend's name popped into my head. I decided to try and find him with the help of my computer. Success, I couldn't believe it, I think I found him. I graduated from Cherokee high school in 1963. His bio said he taught there but didn't say what year. It has to be my coach. I remember him as a small guy but well muscled. He could jerk 100 lbs over his head in the weight room with one hand. He amazed me, and fast as a greased pig. It seems he rumored to run the 100 yd in 9.4 or close to that amazing speed. I also remember a meeting in his office one afternoon, I had said something smart alec to a teacher and I was sent to his office for a counseling session. I think I had seniorites ( I had a attitude, being a senior and all) I thought I was hot stuff, HAHA. I received an attitude adjustment from coach Friend. He introduced me to his two handed frat paddle, with a couple of swats. That was 48 years ago and I can still remember the session. He helped me see more clearly, the error of my ways. HAHA. My name is Richard (Dick) McIntire. I doubt if he remembers me, it has been a long time ago and that's a lot of faces to remember. I hope this email finds coach friend in good health and good spirits. Maybe this email will be a pleasant memory for him as it was for me. I live in Oklahoma city and I am retired from the Air Force after 30 years. I work now at the university of Oklahoma trying to earn a second retirement. May God bless you guys, my friends call me Mack and it would be good if you would call me Mack too! I hope I get a reply from you and Coach Friend.

I wrote back to Mack and forwarded his email to Coach.  Like Mack says, it was a long time ago.  I bet it was his Sophomore or JR. year as I feel sure Coach came here in 1960.  I don't recall for sure, but I think Coach had been here as the Jr. high coach when I was in 8th grade, although I was in CA. and can't say for sure.  I came back to play in his second season as head coach in the 1962 season.  Heck Mack, Coach may not be the coach you remember but he sure sounds like the one to me.  I hope you get a reply from Coach and if so, let me know.  Thanks for the note, Pete Thomas.