Cimarron KS 67835
PO BOX 1113

The First Tee of Cimarron at Cimarron Golf Club

The First Tee of Cimarron is a 9-hole municipal golf course located on the north-western edge of the community. The golf board and two city council members will manage the facility while golf club volunteers and the County Recreation Director will administer The First Tee programming. Marty Johnson designed the course and construction was complete in October 2000. 
Chapter Name:
The First Tee of Cimarron
Facility Name:  
Cimarron Golf Club
P.O. Box 113 
Cimarron, KS  67835
Contact: Wes Clark
Website: www.cimarrongolfclub.com
E-Mail Address: cimarrongolf@hotmail.com
Architect: Marty Johnson
Men's Ratings  By:
Don McKillip
9/17//2002 Rating Team Leader, Tom Richardson, Rating Team Members, Bob Law, John Wagner.
Women's Ratings By:
Natasha Fife
9/29/2002--REVISED IN 2008
Altitude 2500
Grass Type Fairways:  Blue Grass             Greens: Bent Grass (Penn A-4)
Stimpmeter Reading 8.5"/DAILY, 12-13+TOURNAMENTS
Rough Height 2-3"
USGA Pace Rating Total Time Men's, 3Hrs. 50 Mins.    Lady's 4Hr. 5Mins.
Grand Opening: Summer 2001
No. Of Holes:  9
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