I have been watching the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests around the country with high interest.  There have been proven incidents of, murders (5), rapes (75), drugs, open drug sales, disease, public masturbation, public sex acts, public defecation on state and personal properties, public urination, fighting and threats against our government and individuals, as well as attacks on police.  Just this last Thursday, there were reports and video of some of the 99 percent folks, yelling and scaring young school children.

I have seen accounts of small business’ in the area of these demonstrations that have been put in great peril; not only to their lives and property, but in their ability to function properly.  Some of these business' have even shown concern for the ability to escape possible bankruptcy from these disruptions.  As a small business owner, I have had times in which a two month disruption in my ability to conduct daily business activities could well have caused bankruptcy.  However, as far as rapes, murders and the rest of the despicable acts stated above, the loss of business is minor in comparison.

Do these groups and individuals have the right to protest?  My answer is a resounding YES.  I believe they absolutely do have that right.  There comes a point however, where that right crosses a line and turns into law-breaking and/or insurrection.  I once heard a quote that made great sense to me and I try to live by.  “My rights as an individual ends where the other person’s nose begins”.  There will be those that disagree with that quote, but there has to be some point where individuals and business’ that have been adversely affected, have their own rights.

Many of those that support OWS try to compare what is now happening to the protests during the Vietnam years, and to the modern day Tea Party movement of the last couple of years.  They claim they are “Tea Partiers” because they say they want the same thing that the Tea Party wants.  They also claim to be following the Vietnam War protesters, mostly I believe, because of the glamour those protests evoked.  I have lived in both eras, and believe me, the differences are extreme.

When you see things like pepper spray being used on students, you have to feel that OWS is being targeted unfairly by the police and city governments.  I have been around pepper spray and suspect many of you have as well.  I was confused how the students in the video could sit there, even with their heads covered, and show only minimal discomfort.  Well, the answer to that question was answered yesterday.  Supposedly, it was all a fake; watered down pepper spray.  Yes, it appears that once again, the progressives have gone to new heights of trickery and lies to paint a picture that is patently untrue.  I have become a big skeptic over the years of anything the leftists and progressives do, and this just makes me more firm in my skepticism. 

The modern day American Tea Party movement wants a real change in our government; renewed fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free market economic policies.  If these are concepts that you agree with then you are a Modern Tea Party activist, whether you admit or not, like it or not.  “OWS” participants really don’t know what they want.  Mostly, they want re-distribution of wealth and an end to capitalism; basically a free ride.  What it all boils down to is they "want what they want when they want it".  There was a time that I had much of the same thoughts; ahhh, the days of being young and not having a care in the world.  Anyone with half a brain knows that getting what you want when you want it is not realistic and won’t happen often, if ever.    

The Vietnam War demonstrators at least had a noble cause.  They mostly wanted an end to the Vietnam War and not have to worry about being drafted.  The comparisons to “OWS” however, are readily seen in several ways.  Free love, dirty conditions, disease, drugs and destruction of property are a few of the similar actions that were part of the 1960’s and 70’s protests.  All three movements have the right to their beliefs.  No movement, however, is endowed with unlimited rights beyond that.  Where the reasons for Vietnam protest were somewhat noble, OWS protestors are just pawns for those that want to see America brought to her knees and eventually destroyed.

There is more going on here than just young people wanting a free ride.  Think about it; with all of the problems in America today, why do more people do whatever it takes to come here  and fight like hell to stay here, than all other countries combined?  The folks that want to bring an end to the American way of life, are just plain evil and we must be ready to confront them.  I feel that most of the illegal activities happening with OWS, is being perpetrated by those that want to see America fail; even to fall.

I have talked in earlier writings that I think morality is making a turn towards the good side and away from the dark side.  In fact, it is only recently that I have begun to feel more optimistic about the social changes I see happening.  Readers of my articles have told me that they are not as sure of a moral awakening as I am.  If one were to look at “OWS” and our politicians only, it would be hard to disagree with them.  However, OWS and our politicians are just parts of the puzzle that concerns me.  Progressive Marxists are gaining strength at a rapid rate.  I will have more on this in a later writing. 

The largest single driver of my optimism for America's continued survival, is the “Modern Day Tea Party”.  The silent majority has found their voice in the Tea Party and their voice is being heard.  Even with the Liberal Media trying their hardest to belittle and destroy the movement, it has spread like wildfire throughout the United States.  Although there is no end in sight to the problems we now face, I personally believe that the Tea Party movement may be our only hope of conquering  those problems, and of giving hope for the good life to our children and grandchildren. 

Now let’s review a few things.  With the OWS there have been murders, rapes, drugs, open drug sales, disease, public masturbation, public sex acts, public defecation on state and personal properties, public urination, fighting and threats against our government and individuals, scaring children; all of this documented.  At the Vietnam War protests there was free love, dirty conditions, drugs and destruction of property.  At the Tea Party Rally’s there was controlled demonstrations that I would feel safe in attending and would encourage any member of my family to attend without any fear of something bad happening to them.

Which of these three movements makes the most sense to you?  I think for anyone that will ignore their personal wants and then make their decision based on what is right for America, the decision is easy.  Of the worst of times in modern United States history, is there any other country in which you would choose to live?  Is there anywhere in the world where your opportunity for improvement is better than the USA?  If you say yes, you may want to start saving up for a one-way ticket to that paradise.

“I am proud to be an American” is more than a mantra or words in a song.  It is the way most Americans feel.  Are you one of them?  Are you proud to be an American?  The decision is yours and yours alone.  God bless you and God Bless the USA.

Pete Thomas


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The Real Reason for OWS.  1/10/2012


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GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS YOU PETE THOMAS!!!!! Another WOW article - and i love the way you write where even "I" can comprehend what is taking place. Hard for me to say about a turn around on our morals - i continue to see about a 50/50 on that subject - wish i could feel more positive on better morals - but just don't see it. We do need to continue having a "higher power" (God) to believe in and trust that HE is the one in charge of our lives, instead of just doing whatever we darn well please. Wish i had your talent for communicating my thoughts, anyway, hope you get my drift.   Jane (Wehkamp) Authurs.

Thanks for the nice note.  We will get there eventually, it has to happen or it will be a tough time for our country.  Pete.

Pete, this article is spot on! It makes me laugh every time the leftist media tries to make the Tea Party, a political party, like Demo or Repub.  I am a tea partier and have been since the first year of it's inception, and attend local Tea Party Protest events.  Although these are not violent in any way, there are ppl who show up as Tea Partiers, that are not, and try to blend in, well at least in NE.  It was a windy day when attending a protest, my first one.  A man came up to me, and said I will hold one of your signs for you, and at first I said no, it's ok, my daughter is coming soon, and it is hers.  My daughter was running very late, so finally after the umpteenth time, I said ok.  Next thing I knew the guy was gone with my sign, and nowhere to be seen!  He and his buddy were collecting them and then ran off with them.  Boy am I stupid!  This week we agree, exactly, well except for your optimism about our society becoming moral again. Too many will not say a word, when others are immoral.  Like you, I believe there are more than not, becoming more moral, but they continue to keep silent, cuz it's just easier.  However, I am not silent, at all, and it gets me in hot water, sometimes with the younger ppl, in my life, but I just keep pluggin away!  Keeps me sharp, though, on why and what I believe.  Liberals always seem to be more boisterous, and like to yell, and call you names, if you do not agree with them, but half of them don't even know why they believe what they do, sheep!  Leanne Lacy

I can see I will win you over yet Leanne, and I understand the problems with the younger one's in our lives.  Just remember what we thought when we were their age.  It is all part of their educational process and our duty to help them along their way.  We must however, make sure it is done in a way that it is a learning experience rather than an indoctrination.  That is part of the problem we face in the first place.  I feel sure you handle it well, just wish everyone would.  Pete.