A day of a good marriage is like a box of unmarked chocolates.  You don't know what you're getting but the worst will still be good.

Pete Thomas

The marriages we regard as the happiest are those in which each of the partners believes that he or she got the best of it.
Sydney J. Harris
Keep thy eyes wide open before marriage and half shut afterwards.
Benjamin Franklin
You can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all of its accessories.
Melanie Clark
The husband who wants a happy marriage should learn to keep his mouth shut and his checkbook open.
Groucho Marks
Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.
Chinese Proverb
True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.
Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Married life teaches one invaluable lesson:  to think of things far enough ahead not to say them.
Jefferson Machamer.
For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.
Ephesians 5:31
The difference between courtship and marriage is the difference between the pictures in a seed catalogue and what comes up.
James Wharton
The most difficult year of marriage is the one you're in.
Franklin P. Jones
To marry once is a duty, twice a folly, thrice is madness.
Dutch Proverb
The best romance is inside marriage;  the finest love stories come after the wedding, not before.
Irving Stone
A marriage without conflicts is almost as inconceivable as a nation without crisis.
Andre Maurois
The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands.
Alexandra Penney
Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning handsprings or eating with chopsticks.  It looks easy until you try it.
Helen Rowland
Marriage resembles a pair of shears, so joined that they cannot be separated; often moving in opposite directions, yet always punishing anyone who comes between them.
Sydney Smith