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Most of the great people I've ever met are from Cimarron.--Meghan Davis. medramses@cox.net Meghan, you make me blush, but thank you.  No not really but just for a moment I thought perhaps.....
In looking at your web site, I don’t ever see the name of Harry Brice, a representative from your county. He married one of the Foughty girls and I lose touch with him there. He was the brother to my great grandmother, from Market Rasen, England. Is there any chance you might have more information or pictures available about him and his family. Surely he had to have been naturalized. His brother, Charles Edward Brice-Nash, settled in Hutchinson, KS and worked in the courthouse. I have a copy of his naturalization paper. I would love to hear from someone who might have knowledge of this man and his family, or information where I might look.
Of course, his sisters are almost impossible to find info on. I did find my great grandmother in the Hutchinson directory as a dressmaker. I know she married Charles William McClure who was a photographer at the time.  I do appreciate your help and any insight you might give me. Oerman, Deborah L.
dloerman@CoffeyvilleGroup.comLet's see if this helps.  Let me know if you find anything.  Pete.
I was excited to see that a former very good friend of mine was linked to this site, Martha Kelly Pfister. I have recently relocated back to Ohio from New Orleans, Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. I have been trying to locate Kelly to rekindle an old friendship. If there is anyway you could contact her and provide her the following email address, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. mellissa_naugle@yahoo.com  thanks, Mellissa Naugle.  Hope this helps Mellissa.  Let me know what happens. Pete.
Pete,  I understand that you are doing all this great work on the web site.  Thanks so much for this information because it's really hard to keep track of people when I live so far away.  Karen Rumsey (Foulks) and I still hang around together...and sometimes still get into mischief...ha! I'll never forget all those fancy dance moves you had at the dances in Dodge City. Good Memories. Let me know how things are going. Thanks, Judi Koehn judifleming@mail.com.  Thanks for the note but this must be a different Judi and Karen than I knew because the ones I knew would never get into any mischief.  Ah yes, the good old days.  Thanks for the memories and the reminder. Pete.
Pete, I always enjoy returning to your fine web page. My husband, Jack, and I enjoyed the Homecoming this past month, September 2006. We enjoyed all events and had a great time seeing 1947 classmates at our luncheon.  Weather was PERFECT.  Yvonne Bryan Parsons.  Thanks for the note.  I was just getting over a virus at homecoming so didn't do much but you are right, the weather was great and it sounds like everyone had a great time.  Pete.
My name is Billy Joe Ray. I just wanted to further add that my uncle Virgil Thompson worked for the newspaper there I think in the early 30s, 40s 50s 60s.

I saw the picture of the old school house. I remember it well as I rode the bus driven by Bob Black.  I remember getting a licking by the teacher named Davis. This must have been 1936 or 37. I remember mostly having the goat following me to the bus wanting to get on.  We used to spin tops near the bus garage.  It sure did bring back a lot of memories.  We were related to the Blacks and Effie Addison.  Wilber Cunningham and I used to ride a shetling pony named Smokie.  The older Cunningham boy used to jump in the old model A and turn the switch off and on and make the car pop and of to town to the swimming pool.  I have really fond memories of Cimarron and consider it my second home.  Bill Ray
  Thanks for the note Bill.  The last names I can all relate to and I remember Effie pretty well and Wilbur real well.  I definitely remember spinning tops by the old bus garage.  I guess some things never change.  Pete.
I love reminiscing by looking at your website.  Thanks.  Joyce Grimes.  You are welcome Joyce, I enjoy it as well.  Glad to hear that others do too. Pete.
Hi all!!
   It's been about 4 years now since we were back to a class reunion.  Haven't been to a school reunion in about 9.  Six years ago I and my hubby were in Cimarron for the reunion and got word his sister had had a stroke and we needed to come back to Ca.  Made a rush trip back.  Missed the school reunion by 2 days!!  BUT I did make our 40th CLASS reunion in 2002!!  still have losts of family and friends in Cimarron, and keep up with a few who no longer live there but I went to school with.  Forty-four years ago!!!  Wow!  And it only seems like yesterday we were scrubbing the post office walls and windows off!!  Laughing.  I know you 62'ers remember THAT fiasco!!  Went to Branson on our senior trip that year, and what a blast that was!!  Been back since, and Branson has sure changed since we were there.  I KNEW we'd make it famous!!  Our class was destined to do great things.  LOL.  I've raised two boys and have 3 grandchildren, and they all know about Cimarron.  Ron and I were planning on coming back this year again for the school reunion.  Sad to say, I lost him to a massive heart attack in Jan. of 2006!  We were married 43 1/2 years.  I won't be able to make it this year, but look for me next year at our 45th, class of "62!!  And the rest of you???  I'll see you in 2009!  Oh, and my NEW email address is angelstweety@msn.comDrop me a line!!  Keep this up, Pete!!  I read it often.  Fern says not often enough.  You still had my OLD email addy.  LOL.  Della (Courbot) Shores.
JULY 2006
Thanks for your work and effort in developing this site.  I enjoyed walking down memory lane.  My name is Kathleen (Daniels) Dalton.  I graduated in 1981.   I had planned on attending the reunion this fall, but am being transferred out of the country  (I've worked for Procter & Gamble for 20 years, and my family is in the process of moving to Tianjin, China)

I will be abroad for 2 to 3 years, then return to Cincinnati, OH.
JUNE 2006
There was a time when our first child was about to arrive that i was looking for a name to give him or her, and that is how a arrived at cimarron. I liked its name in the translation and meaning of the word. In addition I learned that A Dutch company had helped to settle part of its industry (I am Dutch). I was set on giving it to my son to be. My wife was against it, and she won because we got two girls. I will be passing through though in the aftermath of a conference that I will be attending next year, and I will visit your town and stay the night over. 
Peter M. Dingemans

Good to hear from you.  Stop by the John Deere and ask for Pete.  By the way, what is the translation of Cimarron?  We do have a bed and breakfast that is nice and listed on the bottom of my home page, as well as the hotel which is listed as an historical landmark.  You might want to call and make reservations if you plan to stay the night.  I will post your letter, I think people will find it interesting.  Pete.

I'll be in touch when and if  I get there.  The translation of Cimarron in New Mexico would probably go as ''wild'', while in Kansas it would probably go as 'untamed''. I did not have in mind something like being uncivilized or groceness but more something like being unspoiled, something like the laughter of a child and wanting or longing to preserve the being untouched by morals and afterthoughts. something of the movie 'the blue lagoon''. And on a more grown up level the 'being true to oneself' come what may. Or maybe to stay in line with the ''Westernness'' , the metaphore of the ''colt'', the horse not yet 'broken in'.
MAY 2006
Great job, Pete.  Looks like you've pretty well wrapped your arms completely around all things Cimarron!  It's easy for people to forget that all of these Kansas towns have interesting stories to tell, so its nice that you're telling Cimarron's.  Daniel Kalal - Wichita.  Thanks Daniel.  Daniel is the boss of one of my nephews in Wichita, Dale Knoeber.  You can find some great pictures of Kansas and other places that Daniel has traveled on his website, www.dankalal.net.
APRIL 2006
I was searching the internet and came upon this website, it was good to see pictures of Cimarron as I haven’t been home in many years.  I have email conversations with my Aunt Delores O’Grady on occasion and she keeps me up to speed on everything.  My wife is currently in Iraq and I am in Afghanistan.  The days get long and I often find myself remembering growing up, the friends and the way everyone tends to go their separate ways after graduation.  I just realized it's been almost 20 years since graduation, it’s amazing to think that it’s been that long.  I hope all is well in Cimarron and anybody who reads this realizes how great life in Cimarron or a small town is.  As a Soldier who has been all over the world, and seen things that would make the strong turn weak,  I now realize how lucky I was to grow up with the friends, teachers and the entire small town atmosphere.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Take care.  MSG Zach Hansarik, 10th Mountain Division, Bagram Afghanistan Class of 1987.   zachary.hansarik@us.army.mil .  It's good to hear from you and I know I speak for everyone here that we are proud of all of you serving our country.  I regret that even here in small town America we sometimes weaken in our support of the war but it is a small number.  Keep up the good work and keep the bad guys where they belong and not "over here". Pete.
MARCH 2006
Pete thank you for a great site.  I enjoyed checking it out. My Grandpa and Dad ran the R&G garage and if anybody has a story about the shop or my grandparents please email it to me.  Keep up the great job Pete.  Hi to all my old classmates of "71".  Thanks again, Cindy (Salem) Daniel. tdaniel@ucom.net
I really like your website.  Most small community's do not have such a variety on the web.  Michael Ravenstein, Safety Coordinator/Worker's Compensation Case Manager, Shawnee County, 200 S.E. 7th Room b-15,Topeka, Ks 66603, E-mail: mailto:michael.ravenstein@co.shawnee.ks.us, Phone: (785) 233-8200 ex. 4279 Fax: (785) 291-4901
Very recently I lost my dad to Alzheimer's disease.  Virgil Menzie owned and ran the John Deere before the Thomas family.  I have very fond memories of Cimarron and the many hours my brother Jeff and I spent playing among the machinery in the old John Deere shop.  Thanks to Pete, I heard from many kind people from Cimarron that I had not heard from in many years.  It helped so much during a very difficult time of our lives.  We even received flowers from the Cessna bunch up the street, it was so wonderful to recall all of the many memories we had with the Barhydt kids and the Cessna kids and all of our many friends.  Thanks again for the heartfelt Cimarron kindness, my dad would have been proud he was remembered.  Jill Menzie Clinesmith
My name is Kristi Hughes (Vrtiska).  I went to school in Cimarron through my 6th grade year.. would have graduated from Cimarron in 1993.  I am not sure if you are the same Pete Thomas ... the father of Phillip Thomas that was in my class.  I was looking on the web site at senior pictures and saw that Trent Whipple has passed away.  Do you have any information you can share on this?  I was shocked to see it.  If you are Phillip's father, how is he doing?  Looking at the senior pictures of everyone from Cimarron brought back so many memories.  Please share any information you can and I appreciate your help.  Please feel free to give PHillip my email address as well.  I would love to hear from him.  K Hughes  Thanks!  Kristi. Yes, I am Phil's dad.  Phil is well, married and is a program engineer in Lawrence.  If I recall correctly, Trent was in a wreck and was killed.  I don't think it was too long after you guys graduated.  I sent Phil your email and his to you.  Hope you have contacted each other.  Pete.
Dear  Pete. 
I  just  happened  on  to  the  site  this  morning.  It  is  great  to  know  that  my  hometown  has  one.  I  left Cimarron  in  1976  for  Texas,  where  we  built  a  home  south  of  Houston.  In  1986  we  move  to  Ada,  OK.  where  I  live  now.   I  am  Fern  Kenton  Steinkuehler  and  graduated  there  in  1961.  I  haven't  been  back  to  Kansas  for  a  few  years  now.  Always  wanted  to  get  back  for  homecoming  but  haven't  made  it  yet.  Maybe  this  year.  Keep  up  the  good  work  and  I  will  keep  coming  back  to  the  site  in  the  future.  My  email  addy  is   ferns@cableone.net  Would  welcome  any  contact  from  anyone.   Fern.   Homecoming is this year and you should try to make it home.  It looks like it will be a good one to make.  Look me up if you do.  I am terrible with names and faces but would be glad to visit.  Thanks for your note and glad you like the site. Pete.
I am trying to contact Gary Ginest. In 1955-1956 I played in the Ninth Army Band while serving in the US Army. He came from Cimarron, Kansas. There is a Gary Ginest listed on your class rolls as deceased in 1953. Could this have been his father?
Gary, as I am now, should be in his early 70s.  He was a great trombone player, excellent point guard and fine friend. It would be great to contact him.  Can you help?  Thanks.  Richard Upton 917 Hillcrest Street El Segundo, CA 90246 1(800)959-1876.
I remember Gary Ginest I think.  He was older than I and I remember him playing trombone although I was only six when he graduated.  I think I may have played with him in a homecoming pep band in the late sixties but I am not sure.  He was in my aunt Pat's class and I will try to check with her.  I will post your note and contact my my aunt to see what is happening.  The page you found is linked to my site and actually comes from his senior picture which was 1953.  I actually think that the one marked deceased is the same one you are thinking of.  I hope not but will try to find out.  This one graduated in 1953 and you can see his picture at this site.  http://www.cimarronkansas.net/SENIORPICPAGES/1953cseniorpics.htm .  Thanks for the note.
2006 ABOVE
I read this in the Cimarron High School Blue-jay Post. I think it would be good to pass the message to everyone.  This came from the issue October 2005.  Under Issuing a challenge and it reads; "So my challenge to you is this: Drop the social boundaries. Get to know everyone, not just the people of your small social group. We shouldn't let our different statuses determine whom we're friends with. I let this stand in the way of knowing a great person, and I'm ashamed of myself.  The boundaries that society has created should no longer exist.  They never should have been thought up in the first place. Please take my challenge seriously and accept others for who they are. You never know : they could become your life-long friends."  Thank you.  Jereana Woods.  Thanks for the note Jereana.  It is absolutely correct.  I also feel that this works both directions on the social ladder and that everyone is guilty to a certain extent.  I might add that "lifelong friends" should be cherished and contacted on a regular basis, perhaps one of my biggest faults.  By the way, Hi and hope all is well to all of my friends.  Merry Christmas.  Pete.
Just came across your site.  My family and I lived in Cimarron for all most  A year.  We meet a lot of great people in your town.  I had never lived in a small town before.  I can say that it was a great experience; For a big city girl.  My kids enjoyed walking to the corner drug store after school
(something they could not do in the city) and bowling almost every Saturday night with Mr. Dye.  I just wanted to drop you a note, to let you know how much I enjoyed your site.  It was nice to look at the pictures and seeing some of the kids that have graduated that I got to meet through my kids. I hope that you will be posting the class of 2005 soon (that would have been my son's class).  I will be visiting your site more often for updates.  Thanks, Felicia Shaul. 
Thanks for the kind words and the reminder to check again for the 2005 pictures.  Pete.
What a great web site!  I lived in Garden for a year and a half in the early '90's, working for High Plains Public Radio.  I loved to just drive out from Garden and explore the area.  Cimarron was one of my favorites.  I remember staying at the Cimarron Hotel on my move to Garden, and having breakfast at Clark's - a cinnamon "roll" the size of a hubcap, for 80 cents.  After living in Kansas, I moved on to Georgia, and have now been back in my hometown of Pittsburgh for awhile.  But I still miss that big big sky, the scenery, the history, and the great people of Western Kansas.  Deborah Weppelman, Pittsburgh, PA.   Thanks for the kind words and shame on you for reminding me of the cinnamon rolls.  Guess where I am headed in just a little bit.  If they are still 80 cents I will let you know.  Pete.
I wish more places had these w e b sites.   stayed in the great hotel there back in 1979 or 80 maybe; what a great building!!   I'm glad it is still there and not torn down as so many places are to make room for "improvements"  I felt like I  could have stayed there forever .  It's great to see a picture of it!!!!   Jean Hammer ) Kochuyt; formally from Kansas _  Hoisington  _    but a native of Iowa.  I hope we can keep landmarks like the Hotel around.  They are a great part of our heritage, not only to the folks here but all of the country.  Pete.
My grandparents live in KS. My dad and uncle are both from KS. I actually went to school in Cimarron. The last three weeks of 4th grade, half of 5th and all of 6th. I miss going to school there. It was really fun.  Thank you, Lori.  Vernon and Vanita Schlegel.
Hello from bill ray formally from Cimarron Kansas.  Hi Bill.
This is a marvelous site!  It is kind of like a second hometown, as my parents are from there, (Glenn Davidson and Lucille Belt Davidson) and all of my loved ones are in Cimarron Cemetery, including me one of these days.  I miss Cimarron and I know a lot of people there, in fact it is more of a hometown than Sublette.  Thanks for the very well thought out and designed site,  Sincerely, Scott D. Davidson.  sddembalmer@msn.com.  Thanks for the kind words.  I really enjoy doing the site but it is harder to get the time anymore.  I know a lot of the Davidson's around here.  My mom said that her brother Bob may have dated your mom when he was in high school, but she doesn't remember for sure.   Keep watching the site, as I update it most in the winter months.  Pete.
I was formally from Cimarron Kansas.   Dad and Mom Charles and Myrna Ray had a farm south of town near Cunningham's place.   My Grandmother Mary Ray as clerk at country courthouse.   My uncle Ed Ray lived there in Cimarron and Uncle Ed Ray.   My Aunt Mae Lee Just passed away 2 years ago.   My Cousin  Clarence Ray still lives in Cimarron.  Bill Ray.  I recall the Ray families some, I remember my dad Charlie and grandpa Carl always talking about some of the old families when I was younger.  Glad to hear from you.  Pete.
GREAT SITE!  KANSAS MARK REYNOLDS.  Thanks Kansas Mark.  I always loved your name but don't know if I should call you Kansas or Mark so did both.  I enjoy doing the site and am always glad to know when someone finds it and likes it.  Pete.
JULY 2005
Dear Pete: 
     It's been almost a year since my husband Steve and I came to Cimarron to visit my aunts, uncles and cousins.  Prior to that it had been over 15 years since I'd been to visit..  Last time was 1992 and the Cimarron Hotel was still open.   
     We had a blast in Cimarron last summer. We spent about four days visiting my Aunt Lorraine Nugent, my cousins David & Shelley Bryan and their family, Aunt Wilma Bryan, my cousin Sylvia Williamson and husband Bob and cousins Marie and Misty (Williamson daughters).  We saw the opening of the PRCA Rodeo in Dodge City.  My husband took lots of pictures of the windmills.  We celebrated my 36th birthday at cousin David's farm (we nicknamed it "kitty cat ranch" for all the wonderful kitties we saw out there--we're cat people)--steaks and all the trimmings including red velvet cake!  I'll attach some pictures if you can put them on your site, great.   If not, that's okay too. 
     Looks like I may be making another trip out to visit Aunt Lorraine yet this summer with my Dad.  Your website is wonderful and I do enjoy reading who has written in your guest book. It's a lot of work, but for you it's a labor of love. 
Take care and talk to you soon.  Oh and by the way, we moved last November to the Kansas City area.  Sincerely, Celeste & Stephen Kvetensky, Olathe, KS.  Hi Celeste and thanks for the note.  I hope to get to meet you when you come out, oh yes, and Steve too.  Dave, Shelly, my wife Jane and I celebrated Shelly's and Jane's birthday Saturday night and I told the Bryans that I had heard from you.  They wanted me to warn you that "Kitty Cat Ranch" will need a new name as they have given most of the cats away but are still anxious to see you. Pete.
June 2005
Dear Pete,
I don't know if you remember me or not. I am Randy Senior.  I am the guy who emailed you from So. California about 3 years ago. I had moved out here to Kansas to get married etc.  I had your website saved in "cities" and thought I would see if it was still up and running.  I am enjoying my life here.  We live in Pomona.. just a few miles out of Ottawa, which is about 45 minutes from KC.  I talked to you about a John Deere mower.  I finally ended up buying the L130. I have really enjoyed it and it is a work horse.  Hope you are doing well.  Randy Senior.  Yes, Randy I do.  Be careful.  Once Kansas gets to you it is hard to shake.  Hope it has been all you were looking for.
April 2005
Howdy Pete,
Found your site last week when my folks Jon Hanna and Judy (Crick) were down here in AZ visiting us.  I grew up coming to Cimarron and seeing family and visiting our history there.  A. V. and DeEtta Hanna and Joe and Alma Crick, my grandparents along with numerous uncles, aunts and cousins have spent their entire lives there.  The best times of my life were there, driving down to Clarks and having a malt and doing our chores with A.V. Hanna.  My earlier grandparent John Bull had settled a town north of Cimarron in Bull Town, renamed Ravanna after some time.  Your site made my walk down memory lane so real and for that I say thank you!  Keep up the great work and I will be checking back often.  Justin Hanna Blackhorse_Regiment@msn.com Thanks Justin.  I know a lot of your family and am glad you found the site.  I am also glad you mentioned Ravanna.  I was unaware of it being called Bull Town originally.  I think Ravanna and its history would make a good page for this site.  If I can get the nerve up I will get some pictures and some stories posted.  I am not a big fan of Rattlesnakes so it will take a bit to get me there, but I think I will just do it.
Hi Pete;
I came to Cimarron in 1962. I attended Cimarron High School and finished my sophomore year and then was encouraged to quit by the ministers of my parent's church.  I always regretted that I did not finish with my class that graduated in 1970. I did get my GED.  Alan Bailey lived straight north across the RR tracks.  He would come over during the summer and sing.  One song I remember hearing often was "King Of The Road". When I can, I come to Cimarron to visit my brother Wilford and to drive around town reminiscing.  I check out the homes I helped build.  I salute all of you that have stayed in Cimarron. I prefer to live in a city.  
I am now in West Memphis AR. Memphis TN is about seven miles away on the east side of the  Mississippi river. My sister Ann has a kidney disease and I am here to  help her.  
Manford Schmidt
March 2005
My name is Mary Unger and in my life I have lived in Florida, Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and for one wonderful year I lived in Cimarron, Kansas. I've often told my children about  the nights I went to football games and caught candy from the Blue Jay, swimming and bike riding with Dara Brehm, Adam Berry, John Smith and my brother James. I remember delivering papers after school and being chased by a dog named Max who lived by the court house, until one day, I turned around and chased Max instead. His owner was very upset with me and told my mom, but he never chased me again. I have fond memories of the Blue Jay Restaurant, the field day at school, dancing to "9 to 5" at recess, guessing the amount of jelly beans in a jar at the library my aunt Doris worked in (are the heads still hanging on the walls?), (I don't think so, we have a new library now,  Cimarron Library ), running through my Uncle Jim's wheat fields, the sheriff showing me the cob webs in the jail cells and knowing that your town was the perfect town for a kid to live. My son wants to see Cimarron someday and someday maybe I will take my kids to see the place I spent the best year of my childhood. I hope you will remember how lucky you all are to live in such a perfect place for a kid to grow up live.  I am glad you found my site.  It never hurts to be reminded of how lucky we are.  Although things are changing here as they always have, it is still the best place in the world to live and raise a family.  Bring the kids back sometime.  It sounds like you have built the old town up mighty high but maybe we can live up to some of it.  My condolences about your Uncle Jim.  He is missed by all of us, just as we all knew he would be. Pete.
From the Class of 1955.  Next homecoming we will celebrate our 50 year reunion.  I know it will actually be 51 years but I hope we have something planned.  I think John Wagner and Ivan Wilson are still in town. Please contact me if anyone has any information.  Mary Ellen (Allison) Woods, 22915 Dam Site Rd., Garfield AR.  My phone number is 479-656-3727, my email is arglenellen@specent.com. Check out and post homecoming events and questions in my homecoming page. Pete
I have received more mail from Kelly Pfister. I am adding some of what we have visited about here.  Kelly, be sure and let me know if I have things right or if I have left something out.  Kelly is the youngest of the Pfister bunch "Martha Kelly".  She was a friend of Angie Davis when she lived here and she asked about Christine and Darrell Dupree.  Her sister graduated at Cimarron in 1981 and I have her picture in that class's senior pictures.  She also asked about the McPhail's, and I assume she meant Cliff.  She mentioned that her siblings were located all over the U.S.  Don in CA married with 2 children, Maureen in CA with one child, Katie lived in Ohio where Kelly is but now lives in Kansas City, KS.  She remembers the block parties and the field by her house catching on fire with fireworks.  Also a yellow station wagon that had red flames down the side and carpet all over the insides named the "Orgy Mobile".  She also must like to fish and party as she mentioned her and I starting a business by building a lake.  Kelly also said something about winning the lottery to get this done.  She must know about my finances for that is what I would have to have happen to start something like that as well.  Kelly just had a good suggestion, one that I have looked into before.  A message board.  I have looked into it before and told Kelly I would take another look at it.  If anyone else is interested I would like to hear from them.  Got to run, but keep dreaming Kelly.  Pete
Hey Folks!!  Been too long.  I was raised in Cimarron, does the name "Pfister" ring a bell with anyone?  Was hoping to move back one day but real estate is tight there.  Anyway, brought up some good memories for me.  Love Martha Pfister.  Come on home.  If you can't afford to live here you can't afford to live anywhere.
Congratulations to Nicole Marshall for her 3rd place win in the Cimarron Spelling Bee!!!  Good Luck at the County Spelling Bee!!!  Not bad for a 6th grader!!!  Love, Mom, Dad and Phillip.
February 2005
Dear Pete:  My mother sent me info on the Web Site, So I clicked on to check it out... Great Job... I finally got in the real World....James R. Daniels, 702 1/2 Rhode Island, Lawrence, KS 66044, 785-842-8765. bassman2531@sbcglobal.net Glad you found the site and thanks. Pete.
Hi Pete, Was looking up some things on the Cimarron Crossing and came across your web sight. I really enjoyed reading some of the comments, and I really enjoyed the Pictures. I did not graduate from Cimarron but I am working on it now. I go to the Learning Center here in Cimarron. I even work there part time. Keep up the good work.  Deloris O'Grady dee@ucom.net Thanks Deloris.  This also gives me a good opportunity to let everyone know that I do put pictures and/or names with classes attended by individuals while going to school at Cimarron but not graduating with that class.  If anyone is interested let me know. (By the way Deloris, I have room in 65.)
January 2005
I enjoy reading up on news, new and old, on the website. Good stuff.  I had to sign in only because Pepper made some comment about me not being in the computer world.
Allen Brown.
  Good to hear from you Allen.  I hear from your brother Larry and your sister Dolly on occasion.  But you don't have to have Pepper shame you into writing.  Always good to hear from old friends.  Glad you enjoy the site. Pete.
Pepper Sears wrote a note and I decided to put a link here to it.  For those who know Pepper you will not be surprised by the need for this format.  For those that don't, you will know Pepper better after reading it. tee hee.  Click Here.
From Kathy Holt.  The last photo -- the Indians -- the 6th one down -- is our kindergarten class (I don't agree as there are people missing that I know were in my kindergarten class) . .Miss Kastens was our teacher and that's here in the back . . # 2 is Walter Babbit, who was Mark Rohrbaugh's best friend and whose name I absolutely loved and included in every story I ever wrote.  A few years ago, Walter and his wife were guests at the Hotel . . they'd just dropped in to research the houses in which they'd lived and I freaked out when I learned he was Walter Babbit!  They live in Lawrence . . . # 4 is me; # 7 Dean Brown (I think his last name was Brown . . .); # 8 id David Hilker, I think; # 9 is Karen Jasper; # 13 Jimmy Hewes; # 15 Marvin Kramer; # 20 is Mary Lou Jones; and # 21 is not Cess . . .who had cotton-blonde hair throughout! I will look forward to more photos!  Thanks Kathy.  Love the Walter Babbit story.  I had forgotten that about him.  I hope everyone takes a minute and looks at my Who Are They Page. Pete.
Hi, Pete.  I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your Cimarron Web Site.  You do a great job and a good service especially to those of us who have fond memories of Cimarron.  Joyce Grimes. Thanks Joyce.  Let me know if there is something you would like me to start having in the site.  Pete.
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December 2004
Cimarron High School band will be performing at the Cotton Bowl Parade and game.  Please post this so folks will know about it.  I plan on going and will send you pictures to post.  Thanks, Tanya Jantz.  Sorry this is late but I posted sunset pictures for my cousin Jimmy Korf and they were linked to a website and caused me many problems that I just now got fixed.  I hope everything went well for the band.
Hi Pete! How is Tim doing? Thanks so much for this website. I am starting to get a little homesick up here in Kansas City!  It is so nice to see the pics.  You did a wonderful job!  For those who don’t know, Mike Schlesener and I are going to be getting married on April 30!  Just wanted to let you know that I love the site!  Amy Calhoun.  Hi Amy.  Thanks for the kind words and congratulations.  You have both chosen well.  Tim (Tim is my youngest and a Senior at Benedictine) is still in Atchison and is working hard.  He is taking a full load of classes and is working full time at St. Francis Academy, a home and school for troubled kids.  He finds it both challenging and rewarding, however with both he is feeling a little stress right now.  Glad you like the site.  I don't get as much time to work on it this time of year but will get more done this winter.  Good luck on the upcoming marriage and keep thinking about us back home.  Thanks again, Pete.
More from Fred Davis.  Fred wrote me with some very interesting stuff about his life since he left Cimarron.  I am very open for anyone to do the same so please write if you would like to update us on yourself.  I will probably edit some stuff but will keep it in good taste and proper context as much as possible.  I told Fred that he probably did not remember me so that is where his notes pick up.  Pete.  Well guess what?  You're wrong.  I remember you, your dad, where you lived, your granddad buying stuff from Jim Lacey and I to pay for gas and stuff, and many days at the old "Sand Pit" and river.  however, you can't imagine the thrill I had when I opened my email and saw that you had answered.  Like you I went numb when I got the call from Tad that Johnny had died.  I have thought of him often since.  I was really sorry to hear that your dad had passed away, what a great and generous man he was.  I really enjoyed reading the letters and memories posted on the web site.  Can you believe it's been almost 40 years since we graduated?  I managed to get my two children raised and through college.  My son is working on his PhD now.  He is the Human Resources Director for the Western United States for the FBI.  My daughter and her husband live here but no grandchildren yet.  I received my Degree in Electrical Engineering from Idaho State University.  My wife Tony (39 years married) currently teaches at Idaho State University.
August 2004
Hi Pete,
My name is Fred Davis. I attended school in Cimarron from the 7th grade to our junior year, I doubt many will remember me but I wanted to tell you how very much I appreciate your web page. It’s a place for me to ease into during my lunch hour once or twice a month. I would like to hear a little about a class reunion coming in 2005. I would like to attend one soon and that seems to be the one I can fit into my schedule, or at least it seems so for now. Again, Thank You for the web site. Even though I have been in Idaho for 30 + years when I think of home, it’s Cimarron that comes to my thoughts.   Fred Davis frdavis@aol.comFred, John Daniels and I spent many weekends at the river and sandpit.  Fred and I were pretty good at hand-fishing but ole Johnnie Daniels was the king.  He could tickle a catfish so well it wanted to jump up on the bank of the river just to make him happy.  I told Fred that I knew of nothing in the works for 2005 but hopefully we could have a nice group for homecoming 2006.  Thanks for the note Fred.
Hi Pete!  Would you please update my email address cessdoe@comcast.net?  Thanks.  Also, would you cross-reference it in the "C"s as Laverda Cessna? I don't think many know my last name, Doe, and couldn't find me other than as Cessna. I appreciate it.  Jill Menzie emailed me the other day. It was a wonderful surprise. You do an incredible service to all of us who grew up in Cimarron who now live all over the globe.  It means so much to me to be able to visit Cimarron on line, and catch up with old friends. You have kept the Cimarron persona alive on your website, and I feel as though I have been home when I cruise through it.  Thanks, Pete.  Laverda Cessna Doe.  Oh yes, I am so great.  Finally getting my due.  Not really of course.  For those who don't know me, the rest can all tell you that I really enjoy this or I wouldn't be doing it.  Thanks for the kind words and keep the names in the pictures coming.  Pete.
July 2004
Dear Pete,
     My name is Celeste Kvetensky, I'm originally from Leavenworth, Kansas. I'm writing you from the panhandle of Nebraska.
     My mom was born and raised in Cimarron, she was Alta Joyce Bryan. She married W. Dale Hawley from Marquette, KS and moved to Leavenworth in the late 1950's.  My aunts are Wilma Rose Bryan and Lorraine Nugent, my cousins are David and Shelley Bryan and Malinda Bryan-Smith (Kansas City, MO). My grandmother and grandfather were the late Lula and Ellsworth V. Bryan, Sr.
     I was reading a column from the business page of the Sunday Wall Street Journal that caught my attention.  The author of this column wrote about what his son really wanted to do for his birthday.   The author had planned a day trip to the local amusement park, told his wife about his plans, and the wife suggested he ask his son what he wanted to do for his birthday.  The author, his wife and his 7-year-old son ended up at a local baseball diamond for the afternoon, pitching baseballs to the son while the wife played catcher. The gist of the article was that what kids really want is to spend time with their parents, that you don't have to spend a lot of money on a big trip when what the kids really want is time with their parents.
     It brought back a lot of summer memories for me. I can remember coming to Cimarron for at least a week each summer growing up. Going on vacation to Cimarron meant I got to go swimming and spend the night at my cousin Malinda's house at least once or twice.  It meant my brother and I got to play for an entire week.  It meant making new friends and renewing family ties with cookouts, lunches and dinners, trips to Dodge City to see Boot Hill and Front Street, and spending time with family we didn't get to see most of the year.
     The last time I was in Cimarron was 1992 for a hunting trip.  Mom passed away in 1998 from cancer.  My Dad still lives in Leavenworth, he retired from dentistry in 1994.  It's been 12 years since I visited Cimarron. I've told my husband stories about Cimarron and the good memories I have of summers long past.  We are coming to visit Cimarron the first week in August. I'm looking forward to re-living some old memories and making new ones to last a lifetime.  There's so much history in Cimarron and Gray County that I want to share with my husband, who has never been to southwest Kansas. He's pretty excited about the trip.  Time passes and things change, but some things always stay the same. The love of family and those ties that can never be broken. I hope you'll publish my story.  Thank you for listening.
Sincerely, Celeste Hawley Kvetensky,  Sidney, Nebraska
Thanks for the note Celeste.  I am very happy to post your note.  You mentioned Malinda.  I remember very clearly when she was born.  My senior year in High School while playing football, when we were on the bus to a game we always sat with our backup.  Dave Bryan was my backup, although he will tell you I was his.  Instead of talking about the game and how we were going to play we talked about Malinda who had been born that day.  I can tell you it was on a Tuesday probably in October and in 1964 as we were playing Fowler and they were always a Tuesday game.  Dave always talks about her and is as proud of her today as he was then. Pete.
click on pic for larger view.
To whom this may concern, 
Hello! I am trying to locate some of my old classmates.  I am not sure if there has been a reunion for our class or not.  Can you please tell me how to locate Christa VanderGiesen for starters?  I spent most of the last couple of years in CA, but am now back in MO.  Here is my current information. Luciane "Luci" Timoteo-Tarter, 121 Randolph Court, Carl Junction, MO 64834, Phone 417-627-0800  Email beluka@yahoo.com.   I have attached a recent photo of my family.  My husband's name is Jay.  He is a Firefighter-EMT.  My oldest daughter is now 3.  Her name is Elizabeth.  And our baby will be 2 at the end of this month, July. Her name is Emily.  I am a RN specializing in Perioperative patient care and I am currently finishing my master's degree in Family Practice Nursing.  I hope to hear from my friends of the past in the near future.  Sincerely yours, Luci
Even though this will be in the paper,  I thought people might like to see it on your website too.  My husband Robert McGregor, son of Susan Williams and Chuck McGregor,  found out the first part of June that he has been promoted to Chief Petty Officer Damage Control.
Robert has been in the Navy since 1996.  He has been stationed aboard the USS Avenger (MCM-1), taught at the Mine Warfare Training Center, both in Ingleside, Texas, and is now stationed aboard the USS Crommelin (FFG 37) here in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  He is currently on a six month deployment in the South Pacific participating in Counter Drug Operations.  The ship crew is doing an excellent job in their efforts to keep drugs out of our country.
They selected 3 out of 13 sailors to be promoted to Chief this year.  This is a big honor for Robert and his friends and family are very proud of him.  Sincerely, Melissa McGregor. Congratulations Robert.  Keep up the good work. 
June 2004
Dear Pete,
     First let me thank you for your kindness.  Sending the Thomas Implement Buckles made my day.  My dad, Virgil Menzie is suffering from Alzheimer's and my mother passed away in April.  I have such wonderful memories of Cimarron and remember how mad I was when my dad announced we were moving to Ulysses, Kansas.   He bought me a motorcycle to help soften the blow.  I would have graduated with your class and almost had tears looking at the 1965 senior class pictures.
(Jill's Senior picture is now with my class pictures.)
     I have lived in Ulysses since then and am an art teacher.  Remember I could draw good and my mom had me take art lessons from Pat McFarland.  I use to ride my bike out to their farm (I think that might be considered child abuse now) and was so scared of all of those cows.  I got over that and now live on a farm like I always dreamed of as a kid.  I have horses, ride almost daily, raise a few miniature horses, raise toy poodles, have dogs, cats, goats and chickens as of today.  Tomorrow it might be something new.  I was always too much of a free spirit for my prim and proper mom,  she shook her head a lot, gosh I do miss her!
     I have four children,  3 sons and a beautiful daughter.  They live in Fort Worth,  Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Manhattan, Ks. and I still have a 21 year old in college.  I found out early in life, you either have children or money, not both.   I also have 6 beautiful grandchildren, my hair is silver (my little granddaughter told me my hair looked just like cement) and I am just as crazy and daring as always.
     My brother Jeff is the local pharmacist and has the drug store also in Ulysses.  We never got far.  I would love to come to the next homecoming or hear from anyone who might remember me.  This is a wonderful web site and what a wonderful thing for you to do for Cimarron.  Thanks again for your kindness, Jill Menzie Clinesmith. cline@pld.com Thanks for the note and kind words.  We purchased the Deere dealership from Jill's family in 1962.  I would like to take this opportunity to let you and everyone know that I do include former students in my senior picture pages.  I will list anyone as a former attendee and will include their senior picture if they would like (both by request only).  Good to hear things are well with you and please do come to homecoming in 2006.  Some of our best homecomings are when some of the "lost flock" come home.  Pete.
May 2004
I just got lonely for home so I thought I'd say hello. So... "Hello!".
- David Owen
Hi Pete it has been some time since I wrote you.  I still look up your internet site.  You do a good job on it.  It is the only way I can keep up with what is going on in Cimarron.  I still get home sick some times looking at it.  But it is a good home sick.  I still have good friends in Cimarron.  Larry Werner, Denise Streeter and Brandy.  Lot's more friends. I hope You keep this Web page going.  You have my e-mail address.  It would be good to hear from people in Cimarron.  Thanks, Corky Parker. oliverglennp@eastex.net.  Always good to hear from you Corky.  I was in Lawrence last weekend and attended my daughter-in-law's graduation and a party the night before.  I talked with lots of Cimarron and Ingalls kids (not such kids any more. Upper twenties) that told me they also keep up on the area with my site.  Don't worry about me keeping it going, I really enjoy doing it. Pete.
Click Here to see some communication between Mike Baird and I.  Mike is the webmaster for www.morro-bay.com. 
April 2004
The United States Achievement Academy announced that Phillip Marshall, Cimarron, has been named an All-American Scholar.  The USAA has established the All-American Scholar Award Program to offer deserved recognition to superior students who excel in the academic disciplines.
The All-American Scholars must earn a 3.3, or higher, grade point average. Only scholars selected by a school instructor, counselor, or other qualified sponsor are accepted. These scholars are also eligible for other awards given by the USAA.
Phillip Marshall, who attends Cimarron High School, was nominated for this national award by Maribeth Long. 
Congratulations Phillip.
March 2004
I just happened to run across this site.  It is great!!!!  Were the sunset and rainbow pictures taken be Delores Eberle?  Glad I found this site!  I graduated from Cimarron in 1977, and my parents, Chet and Faye Fairbank still live there.  I now live in Topeka, KS.  Terrilyn Fairbank, Applications Programmer/Analyst III, Kansas Dept of Human Resources, (785) 296-4631. Thanks for the kind note Terrilyn.  And thanks for thinking Delores took the pictures; I consider that a compliment, however I took all of the pictures.  The sunsets were from the golf course not far from your folks home looking out towards the old Warner feedlot.  The latest one was just east of the football field and the others just out and about.  The rainbows were all taken a few years ago in the northeast part of town.  Pete Thomas
Congratulations to Nicole Marshall!!!  5th Grade Cimarron Elementary School for finishing 3rd place in the Cimarron Spelling Bee and her 3rd place finish in the Gray County Spelling Bee!!!  Love, Mom and Dad.
February 2004
Pete, I sent the link of your website to one of my sons and he noted that my email was incorrect.  I'd like to correct it and perhaps fill in some information.  Thanks, I truly enjoy the site and refer to it occasionally.  My sons, having grown up in Olathe and now living in California are fascinated with the idyllic life of rural Kansas such as Cimarron.  Larry Brown.  ldbrown1@sbcglobal.net  Thanks Larry.  I have it changed.  Glad you check out the site when you can.  Sure hope you keep up with my pages about Coach.  As I  am sure you agree, those were special times.  Hope to see you soon,  be sure and look me up. Pete.
January 2004
Cool site!  I found my Mom's senior picture (Kay Walker-56) I asked Lance if I could post his note and here was his reply.  That sounds great.  My Mom would get a kick out of it. I sent her to your site and she was thrilled.  She wonders if you'll be putting up peoples names for all of the years.  She said she'd recognize more people that way.  She also noticed things that she hadn't before, like the fact that in her class, boys outnumbered the girls 2 to 1.  I've heard Mom and Uncle Dick talk about the Thomas' a lot.  I'm assuming that's your clan.  More from Lance: I remember my Grandpa, Rich Walker, talking about Charlie.  My Grandpa sold Massey Harris and Minneapolis Molines.  He used to joke with Charlie, calling him Junk Dealer instead of John Deere Dealer. (Lance, we used to run the Salvage Yard on the west side of Cimarron and that was probably part of why your grandpa called him the junk dealer, but I am sure some because of the competition too.) Mom says that your Aunt Pat lives ½ from my Grandparents old house.  My Grandmother, Margaret just passed recently.  I grew up in Garden City and loved spending the weekends with my Grandparents.  Charlie Folks and I would run around and go down to the Blue Jay for burgers.  My Grandma used to take me down to the dime store to pick out a match box car right from the get.  I drove around Cimarron last year and it seemed very strange to not see my Grandparents around.  My Grandma grew up in a house down towards the highway, then married my Grandpa and moved up the hill.  She lived there into her 90’s.  My Mom also tells stories about Frankie and my Uncle Bud.  Lance L. Logan, Duvall, WA, Lance@L3systems.net.  Thanks for your note Lance.  Yes, I will be putting names to the faces as time goes on and yes, your mom and uncle were close to my uncles and aunt, Frankie, Art, Darrell and Pat.  Thanks again. Pete. 
Pete, I checked out your website.  It looks great!  I can tell you really put a lot of work into it.  It was good to see you at the homecoming.  Doug Watchous.  Yes, it is good to see everyone at homecoming.  Hope to see you next time.  Good to hear from you. Pete
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December 2003
I find your page on the Web interesting.  I am a first cousin of Bob Culver, his mother and my mother were sisters, their maiden name was McDaniel.  We have visited Cimarron many, many times, enjoy eating at the Blue Jay with Sandy and Gary and are amazed at how Cimarron has grown since the 1940's.  Thank you for making this town, a part of my family history, available through modern technology!  Coral Meier Yakel,
Loveland, CO. 
Glad you found it.  I suppose you already know this but I am Pat Culver's nephew.  Charlie Thomas was my dad.  Be sure and look over the entire site when you can.  I just added a new link to a song written and performed by a former local.  Allen Bailey has written and performed "The Streets of Cimarron".  Click here to enjoy.  It takes a little time to load but is well worth the wait.  Pete.
November 2003
I was just checking sites for Cimarron, Kansas out of general interest after having met three of your local residents while hunting in New Mexico this past fall.  Their kindness and the demeanor about them have left a lasting and memorable impression with me.  Something which I just can't forget.  I just wanted to get an idea to see what their home territory was like and get a better picture in my mind as to where they came from.  If most of you folks are made of the same character,  it must be one terrific spot in this country of ours.  Roby Backensto.  Roby, I think most of us feel we would be on the same level as you have witnessed.   Thanks to the three individuals that conducted themselves in such a manner.  However, it makes me stop and think about a few times when I have not been that way.  Hopefully I did not give my hometown's name on those occasions and hopefully they were few.  I will now try to be a better emissary for the community after receiving your comments.  I have requested more information from Roby.  If someone knows more let me know. Pete.  Roby!!!!! Found your guys.  Steve Dewey, Todd Unruh and Jacob Dumler.  Thanks Guys.
Hi Pete.  I stumbled onto your website today and wanted to tell you that it is nice that someone has taken the time to do such a great service for good ole CHS and the community.  It would be nice if each class could get together an email list so we could contact one another.  There are many that I haven't seen since high school.   Is your sister Jo back in California?  Does she have an email address?  I live in Carthage Missouri now, having moved from Texas 2 years ago where I lived for 17 years.  I wanted to get closer to family in SW Kansas.  Does Tommy know where Charles Daniel is living; I think he was in his class.  Thanks and keep up the good work.  Butch Denton.  jayhawk@4state.com Good to hear from you Butch.  Jo is still in Cimarron as well as Tom and I.  I will email you with Charlie's address as it is in the homecoming directory.  I am not putting addresses or emails on unless requested.  I am working on a new senior picture format that will allow a better view of each individual that I hope to have done by next homecoming in three years.  It is a massive undertaking as I am going to put every year from 1925 in Cimarron and 1928 from Ensign in the page.  I do have 1965 and 1966 done as well as 1992 thru 2003.  Click Here to see your class and your picture.  Let me know if you want you vitals listed.  Just click at the top of that page.  Thanks for the kind words also. Pete.
October 2003
Hello!  I graduated from Cimarron in 1995 and have been in the Navy ever since and what a great way to catch up on what is going on at home since I don't get back there very much especially since I will be spending the next three years in Pearl Harbor Hawaii.  Keep up the good work.
DC1 (SW) Robert W. McGregor
Gas Free Engineer Course Manager
N72 Supply Petty Officer
EXT. 5680
Tough duty Robert but someone has to do it.  Keep up the good work too.  Pete.
Dear Mr. Thomas, I was looking around your site for two purposes:  I wanted to see what you had about Homecoming two weeks ago and I was looking at it thinking about using it as a site for my middle school students to go to practice evaluating the quality of a site.  I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the photos you have from Homecoming!  I played around looking at different ones and it brought back some fun memories for me.  I also wanted you to know how impressed I am with the quality of your site!  Links work, it is updated frequently (I've checked it out different times through the year) its' colorful, and has lots of interesting connections to it!  Congratulations on a job well done!  Would you mind if I use it at a site for my students to check out and to try to identify what makes it a good resource?  It is not often that I find one that has so many good qualities and is from Kansas!  (and has no questionable links!)  I appreciate your hard work and devotion to keeping it up!  Thanks again!  Dolly Brown Reece  (would have been) Class of 1970,
though Cimarron is Home. So Long For Now!   Dolly Brown Reece (Darlene)
I have been talking to Dolly for a day or two and she is the sister of one of my classmates and friend Larry Brown and two more school mates and friends Alan and Wayne Brown.  Thanks for the kind words Dolly.  I invited my self to talk to her classes about my site and she called my bluff and agreed to have me come by.  Perhaps some day I will get the nerve and stop by.  She lives close to two of my children so I may some day just do it.
Thanks for the excellent pictures of homecoming 2003.  Jack and I were there this year and had a grand time visiting with former classmates.  The parade was fun to watch, but we were especially taken with all the different tractors.  We loved that addition.  Just wanted you to know I really keep up with your web page and don't thank you often enough.  Yvonne Bryan Parsons (class of '47)
Thanks for the note.  I wish I could take credit for the tractors since they were John Deere's but most of them belonged to Roger Vandergiesen.  The one pulling the trailer with the Robertson clan is owned by Leo Robertson.
I was looking around in your lost and found and noticed that you were looking for Mike Smith Class of 95'.  If I remember correctly, you can go to classmates.com and his bio is in there.   Hope that helps.  I did want to add that I copied the pictures of the Jack Rabbits to show my 5th grade class at Williamsburg Elementary.  They were amazed at how high they can jump, and some of them even thought that I had digitally enhanced one of them, until I showed them the date on the picture. (HA HA)  Thanks again for all the great memories.   Just wanted to say hello and how much I enjoyed looking at the website.  You guys have done an outstanding job.
Eryn Steinkuehler DeMoss.
Thanks Eryn, I will take a look and see if I can find him.  Use any of the pictures you want any time.  Pete.
We would like to thank the Gray CO Ambulance Crew and EMT's for helping when our son Phillip was injured at football practice on 9/30/03. We would like to thank Jimmy, Toby, Sandy and Bob. We would also like to thank Coach John Mowry for riding up in the ambulance. We would like to thank Coach George Fowler for coming up the hospital. Phillip, #51, has a neck strain is sore but very lucky. Thanks to Tonya and Brian Lowery for following the ambulance for our moral support. What a great community!     Don and Kelley Marshall
Very nice site. I used to live in Kansas, but now I am
in Illinois. Good job.     Barb Schadegg Gutzler
September 2003
I enjoyed looking at the Cimarron site.  It brought back many  memories.  Thanks, Pete, for putting this together.  My maiden name is Evelyn McGuire.  That is the name that would be recognized by my fellow high school friends.  My name now is Evelyn McGuire Brock.  I am a 1955 graduate of CHS.
August 2003
John T. Adam has written me while I was away and I missed putting his request concerning his parents 60th wedding anniversary.  Here is his note.  My parents Joseph and Carolyn Spearing are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on August 20th, 2003.  Their children Anne C. Spearing, Adam and John R. Spearing are hosting a surprise card shower.  Please send your cards and memories to St. Paul Episcopal Church, PO Box 526, Harlan, IA 51537.  We still think of all of our good friends of Cimarron Kansas.  PS.  I should add that Joseph H. Spearing is the son of Dr. Joseph W. and Florence Spearing and Carolyn Spearing is the daughter of Raleigh and Gussie Erdman.  Erdman had run the lumber yard for many years.  Both were born in Cimarron, KS and Married in Kansas City.  annecadam@hotmail.com
July 2003
Pete:  My name is Charley Thomas II and I took care of your dad and mother when he was at Wesley hospital in the 1970's.  My dad was Charley Thomas and he was born in Cimarron and I believe he was a third cousin of you dad.  Anyway, I work with Karen Rumsey (Foulks) and she was born and raised in your town and knows you very well.  I have a son and of course his name is Charley Thomas III.  Just thought I would drop you a line.  I believe we are about the same age.  we drive through Cimarron a lot because my mother  in law lives in Syracuse, KS.  E mail me if you want at cthomas20@cox.net.  Charley Thomas II.  What a small world and yes I do know Karen very well but am surprised she will admit she knows me.  Not really, she knows more about me than most and more than she should tell.  Tell her hi and that she got moved back to #2 after I met my wife.  That is not a bad thing and she will know what I mean. Pete.
June 2003
Hi Everyone, I need to get the address of Cleo and Lesslie Dome.  The last address I have for them was at Jacksonville, Oregon.  I also had their telephone number but when we tried that the operator told me that number was no longer in service.  Thank you for your time.  
Carl Johnson, 3045 Table Bluff Road, Loleta, CA  95551-9625, cpjyadj@yahoo.com
Hi, Pete.  This is a great web site!  I discovered it back in March and have visited several times since.  I'm in Albuquerque and haven't been "home" to Cimarron for many years so it's great to visit your web page.  I'd love to hear from anyone.  My e-mail address is:  textkeeper@msn.com.  Tanya (Torline) Mendoza, Class of 1988.  P.S.  I tried to submit this from the guest book but the server wouldn't let me.  Hi Tanya, sorry about the guest page link not working.  I think I have it fixed now but if not I will keep working on it.  Great to hear from you and I will list your email address on my email page.   Pete.
May 2003
Hi Pete,
It's your lovely future daughter-in-law, Meredith.  The website looks great!  It's a lot better than Phil's, and he's a programmer!  I tried to sign your guestbook, but I couldn't.  So I just emailed you.  There really is a lot of information in there.  I got a lot of help for my community paper assignment.   Thanks for all the great information, I'll talk to you soon, Meredith. 
Thanks Meredith.  For those who are unaware my Number 2 son Phil will be marrying Meredith in October.  The little family keeps growing and we are very pleased to have Meredith join it.
Hey Pete, this is Vicki.  I grew up in Cimarron and made my big move.  I would like to be updated on the weather there due to the fact I moved to Canada and my mom and dad live there along with my sister.  I really like what you did, it is helpful when you're homesick. lol.  Well, you take care and I hope to talk to you again soon.  Again, great job.  Vicki (Rowh) MacLean.  Good to hear from you Vicki.  For the weather just use my links on the homepage and you will get great local reports.  Pete.
Feb 2003
Hello, I was looking at your web sight.  I used to live out in Cimarron.  You have a lot of neat pictures of snow in 57.  The house you show 4 blocks west of main st. looks like our old house.  It was 301 West Ave. A.  Let me know if it is...  Thanks Liz Hibbs.  I will do some checking Liz.  That house was next door to us and we lived four blocks west of main so 301 could be right.  Thanks for the note.
Pete, Sure have enjoyed all the old pictures, stories, etc. about Cimarron.  Great Web Pages, Thanks a million.  Phil Timken, senior 1969.  Thanks for the note Phil.  Glad you found my site.  Just a note to anyone reading this, I have recently purchased www.cimarronkansas.com and hopefully that will help more friends and alumni find us.
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Late Fall 2002
My gosh, didn't know this existed.  Was homesick this morning and began looking up websites for Dodge City.  Decided to see if the Jacksonian had a news website and led me to this one.  Great Job.  We are planning to be home Christmas.  Plan the gatherings, we have not been there for awhile. Great job Pete.  Lets us have a look now and then to stay in touch. Contact Ted and Harriet Phelps, Hampton, IL. thphelps@surfbest.net 
I told Ted about this site but I should have known.  Look us up Xmas, maybe we can do something.  Pete
I LOVE the web site!  It's been a very long time since I graduated in '64, but Cimarron will always have a special place in my heart.  Since that time I obtained a bachelor's degree, a master's, and a Ph.D. and taught for over 30 years in San Antonio, Texas (high school science).  In fact, I'm retiring this year.  Seeing pictures of the new high school really started the memories.  I'm delighted to see the old bell is given a place of honor.  Hopefully, I'll make it
for the fifty year graduation festivities.  (Virginia) Dianne Gibeson.  Thanks Dianne. 
The fifty year deal would be a great thing but don't forget about homecoming next Oct.  39 years ain't too bad.  Pete
Laquanda Hoskins.  South Ga Tech
Enjoyed looking at your sight.
David R. Salem, Glendale AZ. dsalem@cox.net
This is great! I've been away a long time. Boy what memories it brings back! Thank you, Melanie (Smith) Fink Class of '87
I really like your site I was the blue-jay for 2001-2002 so I like seeing all the pictures!!!!
Pete, I have been to your site many times but this is the first time I have read any of the comments and its so nice to see peoples names I hadn't thought of in years. I don't get to Cimarron much any more but still have family there. Told my sister Pat (Lee) Waits and she was going to look this sight up today.  Wonderful sight, thanks Sue (Lee) Smith klsmith@gtmc.net 
Thanks Sue.  Glad you enjoy the site.  Homecoming is only a year off so I will start soon with some information about it.  Be sure and watch.  Pete 
Hi Pete!  I now have a full website, www.trails.net/cimarron.  It has multi-pages with our services and programs and soon I'll even get our card catalog up and running online!  I'm really excited.  Thought you might want to put a link on to your site (which by the way, is far and above one of the best I've seen!) Thanks! Sara McFarland, Director, Cimarron City Library cimar1lb@ucom.net
Good to hear from you Pete.  Good grief, I was in my wife's email when I sent the first contact...and I had the school function goofed up too.  Terrible ain't it...when we pass 50?!! <sigh>.  Yes, you can print it if you like...I don't mind at all.  If you want to take any literary license to correct anything have at it,.. or leave it the way it is.  Either way is okay with me.
     I sure do have a LOT of memories of Cimarron.  I really miss the town and the people.  Guess I'd best make a trip back there just to see what had changed.
     My Grandfather Kenneth Wilbur Lucas worked at the Tuggle's drug store on the SW corner of Hwy 50 and Main when he was young.  He met a guy who was passing through.  The guy was a traveling showman by the name of Milburn Stone.  He and my Grandfather became friends.  As it turned out, Milburn Stone, wound up going to Hollywood and played Doc on Gun Smoke in a town 19 miles east of Cimarron. <grin>  Who-da-thought???
     I was really shocked to find out about the flood of '65.  Visa Lucas passed away a few years before, so had lost all contact with Cimarron.  That flood really did some damage!!!  That year we got wiped out in Denver too.  That was the year that the South Platte flooded.  My step-dad (number 4) Tom Koehn (brother to Ed Koehn the Ford dealer) ran a small greasy spoon near the river.  Wiped it out.  I didn't like working there much,.. but he sure could cook.  I guess my Mom (Carol Lucas) met Tom at the Western Cafe,...they got married and headed out to set up home in Wichita.  Regina Koehn (one of the three older sisters of the Mennonite Koehn's,.... Regina, Imogene, and Betty) babysat my sister and me for a couple of months until they got settled.  Hank Koehn introduced me to the art of shooting .22's.  I could go on and on!!!
     Is Joetta still around?  If so, tell her I said HI.  Long time since 3rd grade.  Well, I'll be within 5 miles of Cimarron again tomorrow.  I am flying to Wichita and back.  Should be overhead around 5:30pm and again around 7:15pm or so.  I'll honk the horn. <grin>
God Bless and Godspeed,  Mark Towne
Are you a relative of the Thomas' in Cimarron who may have had a grandfather perhaps who was the Sheriff around 1956? Just curious. I logged onto the Cimarron website, and I have to say that I am really impressed, as I have always been with the town.  There is quite a bit of my family history from Cimarron. Visa Lucas (Great-Grandmother) is buried at the cemetery there, as is Charles (her husband) and several children including Edith Lucas.
     My Grandfather Kenneth Lucas was a star football player for the high school, and for a long time had his picture in the entryway. (complete with the leather helmet). I have wondered over the years what may have happened to it. He was also a life guard in the pool at the south end of Main street for years, long before he married.
    Both my Mother and Aunt were born in Cimarron, and I lived there for about a year during third grade. My teacher's name was Mrs. Lynch. I think there was another Thomas girl who as in the third grade class.
     Occasionally, I am able to come within 5 miles of Cimarron ,.. but it is straight vertical. I am a Captain with United Airlines out of Denver. The view is incredible...and it is quite a relief to know that there is at least Cimarron hasn't changed so much that it can't be identified.
     I hope to visit the town of Cimarron one day soon. It has been far too long.  Tell me sir, is the Jacksonian still the newspaper of the city?  Is the movie house still across the street from the newspaper? Is Koehn Ford still in business?  Lots of memories. Maybe it is time to come out for a visit. 
God Bless and Godspeed,  Mark Towne
I wrote Mark back and answered all the questions I could.  Mark, I did miss the question about the movie house.  It is still there but is now a small office complex with a beauty parlor in the front.
Howdy Pete,  What a wonderful webpage! I didn't know about it until a friend who lives in Washington County, Kansas was looking it over with the thoughts of moving to Cimarron, and was asking me about some of the pictures and stories listed here.  I have downloaded some of my favorite pictures from here into a personal file so that I can relive the memories over and over. I will return here often! Thanks again and God Bless.
Allen D. Bailey
Dodge City Marshal
Class of 1973
Interesting! I have lost touch of Cimarron, only to find her again.  I was in third grade at the time...that fateful evening that was the start of that blizzard.  Both my sister and I were playing out front on the steps of the High school, where the PTA meeting was in progress. About 30 minutes before the PTA meeting ended that evening (a Wednesday evening??) large snowflakes the size of 1/2 dollars began to fall. The really strange thing that I remember was that the air was warm and these huge snowflakes melted immediately when they touched the ground, leaving a large wet spot.  All the rest is history.
     Sometime I will sit down and recount my recollection of being marooned for almost 3 weeks. What a childhood dream it was in '57.  ( yes...we had to attend school a little longer that year <sigh> ) God Bless and Godspeed,  Mark Towne, Great Grandson of Visa Lucas (a long time Cimarron resident)
Pete - David Bryan sent me the series of pictures taken in approximately l939 at the Gray Co. Fair.  Keep up the good work Pete. You are doing a great service for the community.  Sincerely, Lorraine Nugent
Dear Pete,
I don't know if you remember me or not. I wrote you about my visit to your town last may.  I live out here in So. Calif. well, as of May 18th, I will be living in Kansas. I will be getting married and be living in Ottawa on the eastern side. Ottawa is a little larger than Cimarron but it is a dream come to true.. to leave the rat race of LA. didn't figer the Lord would throw in a wife too.. ha!  My mother in law to be lives in Pratt.  take care.. still enjoy your site.  Randy senior. 
( Yes, I remember you and congratulations.  You are very fortunate in finding a Kansas wife.  There are none better.)
I think that this is an awesome site you have put together. I really enjoy the basketball and volleyball pictures, they go great in my scrapbook. My parents also really enjoy seeing all of the pictures from all of the events. Great Job!! Angie Faurot
Pete, just got an e-mail from my oldest son to go to the Cimarron web page and read about the Blizzard of '57. Decided to read the comments in the Guest Book.  Noticed my old e-mail address.   My new one is sewbetter@neteze.com  Thanks, Betty (Sapp) Patton
I used to drink cherry coke's at a bar similar to that one with the likes of K McG, (Kathy Magourik) B.B (Barbara Barhydt), Laverda (Cessna) and Jill (Menzie), Pete (Thomas) and and a baker called Skip (Russell).  Was just out shopping the net and looked in on home.  When I noticed Clark's I thought I would be cute and ask for a black and white, but noticed you had that covered in the add!  Pete, either you or your kids must be the comp guru's in the metroplex.  Written in fun, hope to be in area for our 73rd annual in August hope to see some soon.  Doug Sears.
Hi Doug.  I added last names, hope you don't mind.  Those were good times.  Makes me think about a lot of things, house haunting, football, high school in general, taking down the flag at the Gunsmoke in Dodge on a rainy night. Good times.  Hope to see you in August. Pete
After living/working in 8 different countries around the world with the Department of State, Cimarron still looks like a GREAT place.  We lived there in the 70s and early 80s.  Great site Pete -- saw "The Lettermen" several years ago and thought of you.  Still have a Thomas Implement hat!  Danny and jann Corsbie, jcorsbie@aol.com
Great to hear from you Danny, it's been a long time. Not many know about the lettermen and Denver. Stop by if you get this way. Pete
Pete -  I was looking through the Cimarron site and realized I had not updated my email and address info since moving to Des Moines.    Thanks for making the Cimarron site available, you do a great job! Sincerely,  Tim Unruh.
David Summers: Waz up class of 2004?
Dear Sir,
You all have such a quaint little town.  I drove through Cimarron last summer on my way to Pratt. I visited friends in the Denver area and rented a car to visit friends in Pratt.  I rolled my camcorder while driving through Cimarron and made the comment "typical small town".  Believe me, that was NOT a put down.  I live out here in the rat race of Southern Calif.  I stopped and went into a "corner drugstore" just off us 50 and the street where the grain elevator is located.  It was an experience just to go in there.. like a step back in time.. to another, more "innocent" time.  
On the website I saw a pix of the Hotel... I drove by it and filmed it before I turned around and went back to highway 50.  Anyway... be thankful you live in a place like Cimarron.  it may be slow but it sure beats the rat race..ha!  It was so relaxing driving through Kansas.. gave me some perspective that life is NOT all rat race and smog and crime etc. take care and thanks for putting the pixs on the site. Are you planning on adding others?  I was just surfing and found this site.  Best Regards, Randy Senior
Thanks for the kind words Randy, Come see us and spend some time when you can.  Pete
Dear Pete I like you because you're fun.    YOUR FRIEND ZULEIMA
thanks, but do not remember your name, write me again when you can.
Pete, Thanks for forwarding to Frankie.  I realize we've been apart a number of years, but I will always feel a part of the Cimarron community and especially part of the Thomas family.   As you may know, your grandparents (and Frankie) took me in when my folks moved to Dodge City at the beginning of my senior year.   Your grandparents, the Korfs and your mom  always made me feel part of the family.
By the way,   I've been e-mailing back and forth with Lola (Davis) Hudson and she told me she often goes on to your web site.   She recommended it to me if I wasn't familiar with it.  You are doing a great job and providing a valuable service keeping Cimarron "family" connected across the years and the miles.  Thanks. Bob Hilliard.
Pete, great site, keep the info. coming.  Thanks Max McPhail
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Pete, what a neat site.  Your son was just showing it to me.  I told him I thought it would be interesting to see some of the more scenic and interesting barns in the area.  I do some photography and barns have always caught my eye.  Sadly they are becoming a thing of the past, replaced by the new Morton buildings.  Thanks for the interesting site.  Chris Tuma tat2you2@hotmail.com 
Thanks Chris.  You are correct about the barns being all but gone.  I will look into doing something though.  I suspect out here most will be in poor repair but that might be interesting in itself.  Pete
Enjoyed viewing the pictures of the Bryan River Expedition and the pictures of the wind mills. Jeff Parsons (David Bryan's 1st cousin from Michigan) email at parsons5@wmis.net
The Bryan river pictures are definitely the highlight of this very entertaining website. However, I believe I can speak for the entire viewer-ship of your webpage when I say that we have been patiently waiting for a long time to see more of those handsome devils!  Come on, Pete, throw us a bone.  Steve (Not Bryan, some other Steve.)
Hi some other Steve.  Glad you wrote.  No plans for the handsome crew getting back together but will talk to them.  And,,, since I am in one of the pictures I assume the "handsome devils" also pertains to me.  Thanks, Pete.
Pete: This is great!! Love seeing picts of my LITTLE brother playing football.
Shari Rohrbaugh.
I hope to have some more of the last game by this weekend. Be sure and check.  Pete
I love coming back to Cimarron via your outstanding website.  Keep up the good work! Joyce Grimes
Thanks Joyce, after P's message, I needed that.
this site sucks, i'd much rather see larry king live for the 20000993rd time before clicking back into this site.: P
I always knew this would happen, but to be worse than Larry King, now that is a low blow.  By the way, if you are reading this P, hope you enjoyed #20000994 of your favorite show.  Pete
This is a very good way to revisit  my hometown without driving a great distance.  I really enjoy reading the goings on and historical information about Cimarron.  I would like to hear from some of my family and friends back home.
Sheila (Burns) Price.  price98_2000@yahoo.com
Hey Pete:  We really enjoyed seeing all the basketball pictures last year... along with our family members in New York, Colorado and California--I love modern technology!  You have done a great job!  I hope that you don't get tired of taking pictures and I hope that it is as much fun for you as it is for those of us who enjoy visiting your site.  Saw you at the volleyball home match last night--sure hope to see some volleyball pictures!!  Thanks for all of your time and dedication to the people of Cimarron--a great place to live!  Kim & Gavin Unruh
Glad to do it and I will take pictures any time I can.  They take up a lot of room so I have to watch that.  By the way, I really enjoyed watching the game.  There is a lot more athleticism involved than I thought.
Pete,  Thank you for the football pictures.  As the proud grandparents of #73 (Chance Roberts), it is fun to print off copies for the scrapbook.  You really do a good job & we appreciate the work you put into it.  Alice & Harold Hawkins...
Thanks, I love doing it. Pete
Nice haircut Dad!! We are proud of you! Lots of love from your favorite little criminals!! Vince, Phillip and Nicole Marshall
A Double Thumbs-up to all area folks who have made the NEW Golf Course such a wonderful addition to the community.  I recall being on the very first Boys Golf Team at CHS as B O E at Cimarron included some of these fella's back then...Russ Monical, Skeet Nicolet, Clehbert Flowers, Dr. Vernon Penner and proud to say my father...Millard Jantz as they thought young people needed to have some activity to learn that could be enjoyed from the participation aspect for all their adult lives...and not just team sports like football, basketball, etc., so their vision was to start boys tennis and boys golf in addition to track as spring sports program and my "HATS OFF" to their vision back then.  I was extremely proud to have played on the very first golf teams and tennis teams organized back in high school as well as in the first golf tournament held on the new watered fairways, grass greens and it truly is nice NOW, and will only get BETTER in time.  The only regret that I can think of is!  the fact it is 30-40 years past due...and many diehard golfers back when I was a kid did not get to play this new gem (like Cimarron's own Virgil Thompson, Louis Magouirk, John Davidson, Leroy Wallace (to mention a few) and neighbors to the south (Joyce Hamm of Plains & Lloyd Feldman of Meade) are all enjoying the Fairways of Heaven.  Thanks to all on the planning committee, volunteer workers, and fund raiser's large and small for making the project a long, long awaited reality.  You all ought to swell up with Bluejay Pride in whatever capacity you have contributed to the success so far. Once Again, a Double Thumbs-up to All Blue jays...from near and far.  Larry D. Jantz, 2222 Drum Avenue, Hays, Kansas 67601...[785-628-3427), Class of ' 63. (e-mail address:   thumbsup@ruraltel.net  )
Very Nice Web Site.  Jake Payne & Terri Payne
Hi Pete, still keeping up on Cimarron via your site. Thanks for doing this -
Kathy Ford Broniecki. I have a new email:
Hey, this is Pete's daughter Karyn and I was just looking through all of the messages. Nothing to say really, just wanted to say "HI," and I'M MARRIED!!!
Hi there, I'm Nickie from South-Africa, I was working for Charlie and Vicky Burns last year. I want to get hold of them via the Internet could you please be so kind to get me their E-Mail address and Phone numbers if possible.
My E-Mail is : nickieo@hotmail.com Thanks for a good site I visit it always.
Hi Nickie.  I remember you well.  Too bad you could not come back for the run this year.  I will e-mail you Charlie's address.  Pete
Hi! Pete we have enjoyed your guest page Book. Thinking of you and Jane on your big day at the wedding.  It's those memories you think of often.  Been keeping in touch with your Dad and Mom Seems as Kenny & Charles have lots to talk about. With their Surgery's and etc.  Keep up the good work. I know all of Cimarron is waiting to try their hand at golfing at the new course. Keep up the good work. Kenny & Lucy
Hi Pete! Just want you to know how much we are enjoying this website. We sure do appreciate all you work. Today I have connected with Michael O'Grady & it has been years since we have been in touch. Thanks, Pete. Also want you to know that we girls sure had fun making mints for the #1 daughter's wedding. I now
have very special memories and proud to do it for Karyn. Bob uses this as a source for the weather so you must be doing good. God's blessings,  Jane & Bob Vath
Hey, It was fun looking at pictures of my home town. Thank you for the memories!
Manford Schmidt
Pete, Have been on several times to look at the happenings in Cimarron. Each time I get on, it amazes me what you have done. As the kids get older it seems like there are more important things to do than "coming home", but your site lets us out-of-towners do just that. 
Thank you from all of us. Russell, Terry, Nikie & Chock Hefner.
I know what you mean, but we expect you back often anyway.  And cut the out-of-towners crap.  Maybe we can partner up for a 2-man scramble at the new course one of these days.  Maybe we can take 1st again only this time I will help.  Thanks for the kind words also.  Pete.
Great job on the website! I really enjoy it!! Dee Ewart
Hello ;)! Thank you for this wonderful website!  This fall I'm moving to Cimarron, I'm going to be a exchange student living with Judy and Leland Koehn!  Because of this very website, I look forward moving to Cimarron! Lots of love, Cecilie, a Norvegian girl!
Thanks Cecilie.  Hope you enjoy it here and hope to get to meet you sometime.  Pete
Pete--this is Sandy--I was looking at the lady jays BB page...the roster for the 73 runner-up is not correct.  Kim (Dewey) Kopper, and myself Sandy (Culver) Schadegg is not listed, and you do not have a first name for Candy Boardman...Other than that it looks great!! Sandy
Sandy, I lost this page a few days ago and when I rebuilt it I missed that some of the names had been left off.  Thanks for letting me know and I have it corrected.  If there are more names I missed let me know.  Pete
Nancy L. Werner 21728 SE 119th McLoud, Ok 74851
I looked, I sighed, I enjoyed. Just like Laz. Long, I am glad for time enough to love. I think I saw some familiar faces. But who knows?  Me.
For those who don't know,  I am sure "Me" is Pepper Sears.  Hi Pep, send me your email address.  Pete
My mom, Louise Benton was told about your website. She grew up in Cimarron then moved to Garden City. I have placed the website as a bookmark so she can find it easily and check out all the new additions from time to time. Sondra Kendall.
Pete... You probably don't remember me.  I'm one of Hazel Flowers' younger sisters.  I sent all my children the link to your web page, and my oldest son (age 48) wrote back and said where's the Sapp Family reference.  Just thought you'd get a laugh out of that,  since there's no one named Sapp still in Cimarron. Betty (Sapp) Patton
Pat Sauer class of 1971.saupa53@hotmail.com.  Enjoyed the web page very much.  Mostly the pictures of the flood.  I had forgotten how much was destroyed but remembered  the very hard and smelly job of cleaning the Scout Hut by the river. Also putting sandbags around the Leatherwood house. Thanks again for all the memories of a fantastic childhood growing up in a Small-town USA
Hi.... Just to say I really enjoy coming to the website.  I was raised north of Cimarron. My oldest sister Hazel Flowers still lives in Cimarron. I have been surfing the web for about 5 years and your site is one of the best I've seen.
Betty (Sapp) Patton
Pete" I really like this web site! But for the man that wrote the book on "HOW TO PLAY PITCH"!! 
And not mention it once is unbelievable to me. Maybe it will be on the next time I visit.  Keep up the good work. Your Friend Tom Smith. Class of "66"
How can I stay the best pitch player in town if I tell all my secrets?  Glad you like the site. Pete
What a great Website. Congratulations on all your hard work. My daughter Melissa Patel is attending your local High School as an exchange student from the UK. She has emailed me about your website so that I can log in and see the great pictures of the school. I would also like to thank all the students and teachers for making my daughter so very welcome. We miss her here very much but it's great to see she is having a great time in your town staying with Judy and Leyland. Thanks again for a great website. Eve Patel UK, my email address EvePatel.Marykay@btinternet.com
Nice homepage. My E-mail: bjorn.kvarnmalm@swipnet.se have a nice day
This is a very captivating site -- especially for those who grew up and went to school in Cimarron and then moved away.  It is nice being able to catch up on news and events. Tammi (Scott) Cramer. tammic@alltel.net
Hey Pete, I think you really did a good job on all the pictures. I wish someone did this when I was in High School. You are doing a great job and keep up the good work.  John Myers
Pete, Great site!!  I enjoy keeping up with the basketball news (and seeing pictures of my nephew!).  The stories from the Blizzard of '57 were interesting to read...I remember most of the names mentioned in the paper.  Also clearly remember taking food to my dad at the station....we didn't see him for days.  They are made of some tough stuff, eh?  Anyway, kudos for the positive contributions you make to the school and community.  Regards, Keena Unruh
Still checking you out, Pete. Enjoying your work. Mary Lou
Hi, I'm Shelby Beery. My grandfather was Wayne Beery.  I lived in Cimarron till I was 12.  I don't get back much, and I'm sure not many would remember me!  I really enjoyed looking at the site and seeing some old familiar places.  Hello to the class of 1996!!
Thanks Pete for the wrestling pictures. I really wanted to keep up on the wrestling team.  
Thanks John Myers
Hey Pete, I finally found the card you gave me when we were hunting and found how to get on the website. Now I have to get Uncle Art to take time to view it! You really have put a lot of work into it. Love, Auntie M. L.
Glad you found it and glad you liked it.  If you get time, send me your e-mail address.  The form for this page does not send it and I lost yours too.  Pete
Thanks for the wonderful pictures of the games. I like to go back and see the highlights of all the games. Please keep updating. Bryan Redetzke
Thanks for the news from Cimarron and greetings from Arizona. Joyce Grimes
Great site. You might want to add the web page for Cimarron schools.  Check with Wes Johnson. He has some great info for schools too.  "anonymous"
Thanks for the suggestion.  Wes and I visited right when he was putting the school site on line and he gave me permission to list it.  You can find it lower on the "home page".  I have listed a few sites that I have made and host at the top of my page.  I will make a note however to see "more sites" in that section.
Great website! Sorry I missed homecoming. I would love to hear from some of my old classmates. Shirley Burns (Dunbar) momma220@hotmail.com.  NO I DO NOT WEIGH 220! The address has nothing to do with my size.
I think you need to put wrestling pictures in the web site. Thanks John Myers
Thanks John.  It is funny sometimes how things work out.  Ed Legg just gave me home dates for two meets and if I am in town I will get some pictures on.  Pete
Ein großes Lob an die Gestalter eurer Webseiten. Die Seiten sind wirklich sehr schön und interessant gestaltet und vermitteln einen Außenstehenden eine Menge über euer Leben und eure Traditionen. 
Außerdem schöne Grüße an die deutsche Austauschschülerin Nicole Petrasch, welche sich seit August 2000 in Cimarron / Kansas aufhält und momentan die örtliche Highschool besucht. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Andreas Eisold / Deutschland. 
I'm Nicolle and I want to translate what my friend wrote! you did a very good job on your web sites. they are very interesting. I could learn a lot about your life and your traditions, and I want to say hello to Nicolle Petrasch. she is in cimarron/Kansas since august 2000 and goes to the High school there. see you Andreas Eisold/ Germany.  Thanks Nicolle.  
Thank You Nicolle. Pete
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE  ki0qd@ucom.net  H. RON H.
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Nov 2000
Just learned of this web site from my father-n-law, Lowell (Dub) Cunningham, I'm the person driving the Cimarron Fire Dept. Truck, Engine One. This web site is very well put together, not as messy and cluttered as some. Great way to advertise our town. Katherine Cunningham, CVFD.
Pete; Thank you for this web site. My daughters in New York can now see their little brother play basketball because of your site. I really appreciate it.  Thanks again.  
Craig Tucker.
Like it Pete Specially moms favorite place in your mystery photo. Brian Addison  big_add@webtv.net
Great web site! We made it back for Homecoming and had a great time. Now I can keep better track of Cimarron, since we live in Indiana. Thanks!  Janelle (Hackerott) Strobel
This is Great!!! Better than the video of 3 years ago. Sure sorry I missed it this year, but couldn't be helped. I tried!  See you, class of 62 in a couple of years. Della
Pete, great site and great pictures - found out about it from Norma Immroth. Made me sad I missed homecoming and all my "old" friends! Kathy Ford Broniecki, class of 1976. katbron@aol.com
Pete, Thank you for giving me the parade, game, & homecoming I came to see, but had to miss.  It's almost like being there, but not having to stand in the cold. Ha. Hi Leo. Good job on the tractor.   Della Shores
Pete, great site! Loved the homecoming pictures. Norma Immroth posted this web address. Sad that I missed homecoming and all my "old" friends.  Kathy Ford Broniecki, Omaha, Nebraska class of 1976.   katbron@aol.com
Pete, this is Mark Stauth. I just wanted to let you know that I think this page is really great. It is very well put together and full of information. Thanks for your hard work.
Finally took time to look at your pictures from homecoming. They are so good it is like seeing the parade over again. Thanks. Bernie Magouirk
Cindy and Amber think this website is really cool.  
Cindy and Amber who?  Let me know sometime.  Pete
Pete, My father, Cecil Davis and my great Aunt, Irene English were both in the parade. I live in Tucson and was unable to be there to see them and the parade. I just wanted you to know how very much I appreciate this web page. I am able to see their pictures and feel a small part of it all. Thank you very much, Beth Davis Hays
Hi Pete I just got new internet.  The old one I had sold so now I have a new one.  You did a good on the homecoming picture's.  Made me home sick.  Keep up the good work.  My new E-Mail address is: parker@ccbcnet.com.  Corky  (Parker)
Great web site, Pete. Good to see "home" when I'm not able to be there.  Mike Hanna
Donna Bridges Hughes class of 69 Thanks for the web sight to keep us up on what's going on at Cimarron and CHS. Thanks again Pete. Keep up the good work.  djhughes51@hotmail.com
Was just looking at the pictures from Homecoming 2000. Good job. Betty Sapp Patton 
Norma Immroth let me know about this site. Great job, Pete. Web site design could be a second career for you! Thanks for taking the time and effort, which are considerable I am sure. I have forwarded your address to all my old compatriots so they can appreciate your cool site. Jeff Borland jeffro@ucom.net
Viewing your site has done two things, made me very homesick and very sorry that I missed Homecoming. Great job on the pictures. Freda Cornfield (Watson) Erie, Pennsylvania. Class of 1977.
Great site. Donna Dixon (Fowler)
Just checking out pictures of my cute little nephew in the halftime show! Amy Blackwelder.
Great page! We appreciate the information on homecoming. Norma Immroth Class of 1977
Thanks Norma, however I should let everyone know that a lot of the information I have in here came from the Jacksonian.  So, Thank you.
Good job Pete. I just heard about this website and have really enjoyed it. I am letting my nephew in Chicago know about it as he graduated from Cimarron. Elaine Scheer
Pete: This is so much fun. You have really done some creative writing and thinking about what would be fun to see. The football stories and pictures are so interesting. I just found out about this web site on Sept. 22, 2000 Pat Ridenour
Hi it's me again Corky. I like to call your web page up every two or three days. To see what you have new. The mystery location picture is a old airplane hanger at the airport north of Cimarron. you do good on this page. Corky
The Corkman was close but it was the old Jerry Wehkamp hanger on his farm up north.  I have it marked on the map on the mystery page.  Keep writing Corky. Pete.
Pete: I've been gone from the area for a good many years (I will not tell how many) and recently came across your website and really enjoyed looking back at the past. As I revisited your website today,  I saw your new addition...HS Class pictures. Although, I did not attend Cimarron HS, my mother did 
and I saw her Class of '42 picture. Thank you for sharing this with those of us who are many miles removed from Kansas. Your Dad bought my Granddad's farm south of Cimarron (the ole Black place) many years ago. I'm the same age as your brother and I remember your Dad's JD dealership south of the tracks. Mike in Virginia.
Mike.   Thanks for the note but I can't figure out who you are.  Let me know, Pete.
Thanks for this web page Pete. It is the best I have seen. Thanks again. Corky Parker
It is a nice site you have a lot on this site I like. I lived in Cimarron years back and love the town and people in Cimarron. Thank you for having this site. Oliver Glenn Parker (Corky) 
Pete.... just got this link from my neighbor... this is great! Thanks for all the hard work!  Tim Unruh
I like your page very much. I lived in Cimarron 20 years ago. They called me Corky. loved it up in Cimarron it is nice to see your page on the net. Oliver Glenn Parker (corky) my E-MAIL Address is.  corkman@intcomm.net
My dad is a genius. Karyn Thomas
Thanks Hon.  I think Idiot Savant may be closer though.  Your Dad.
Neat Site. Keep up the good work. Bill Jefferies
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