FRONT ROW: Pepper Sears, Alan Brown, Leo Wehkamp, Buford Rohrbaugh, Brent Magouirk, Randy Holland, David Bryan, Jim Coast, Alan Eskam, 2ND ROW: Keith Lacy, Brent Wenich, Jim Holland, Mark Nicolet, Bill Kramer, Paul Wehkamp, Phil Timken, John Smith, Rick Dunn, 3RD ROW: Mike Case, Jerry Eskam, Tom Schoen, John Steinkuehler, Ted Phelps, Les Dome, Casey Lacy, Rich Addison, Coach Don Briggs, BACK ROW: Coach Friend, Dale Ashcraft, Dale Cunningham, Gary Skidmore, John Whitesell, Gary Riepl, (    84?   ) (   80?  ) please let me know if some are wrong or if you know 84 and 80.  EMAIL ME

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