FRONT ROW: Doug Sears, Steve Brown, Roger Timken, Pete Thomas, Larry Brown, Brent Magouirk, Carl Leatherwood, Rusty Woods, Tim Gleason, Benny Beery, Sam Wehkamp, 2ND ROW: Greg Nicolet, Joe Briggs, Dave Hilker, Dave Bryan, Dick Monical, Jim Monical, Rich Addison, Jim Coast, Norman Erkie, Ross Sutton, Alan Brown, Pepper Sears, 3RD ROW: Coach Friend, Rich Jantz, Leo Wehkamp, David Phipps, Eddie Sutton, Brent Wenrich, Dale Smith, Buford Rohrbaugh, Randy Holland, Denis Wallace, Scooter Kramer, Ron Phipps, 4TH ROW:  (     86?   ), Dick English, Jerry Eskam, Keith Lacy, Mark Nicolet, Jim Holland, Ray Woods, Ted Phelps, Rod Crick, Coach Babb, Coach Hamm. please let me know if some are wrong or if you know 83 and 80.  EMAIL ME

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