The new Altel tower is in its beginning stages.  The first picture shows the base hole which
was 28ft deep and around 6 to 7 ft. across.  The last few feet was sand.  When the original
core sample was taken they hit water at 20ft. 
It took 45 cubic yards of cement to fill the hole and to form the base.  The approximate
weight of the cement is 172,500 lbs. 
The tower will be put up in three 50 ft. sections for a total height of 150 ft.  It will be a flag
pole type with no guy wires.
There will be a cinder block building just to the north of the tower with building and tower
enclosed inside a chain link fence.  The tower is located on the S. E. corner of the Thomas
Implement lot, right next to the Veterinary wood fence. 
Boy is this nice.  We have yet to find a place in Cimarron where we do not have reception. 
28ft deep        
11/08/2002 11/08/2002 11/08/2002 11/08/2002 11/08/2002
11/18/2002 11/22/2002 11/22/2002 11/26/2002 11/26/2002
Building goes up. Building gets roof.     Tower comes in.
Tower starts up.        
  I think red line is vertical   LOOKING UP INSIDE TOWER